Friday, 25 May 2012

The ReMarkableSwift

On Friday 25th May 2012, Mark and a group of friends where riding their mountain bikes in the Lake District. Mark's bike hit something in the road, the impact threw him over the handle bars of his bike.

In that moment his life changed forever.

Mark has many people who care deeply about him so this Blog is to help keep everyone updated on his news and progress.

Feel free to take part in the Blog, visit often and please leave your own messages too.

This blog is dedicated to Mark and his road to recovery, to Jenna, John and Brenda, his brothers, his family and all his friends.


  1. All of our love and prayers are with you Mark ... Mike, Chris and the Rose family xxx

  2. Hello Mark, I know you are in safe and caring hands there in Middlesbrough and that everyone is taking great care of you. We are all routing for you and sending all our love and best wishes. Keep wearing that gorgeous smile! Love and hugs Betty, Mike and family and all your pals at the Champion. x x x x

  3. Brother Mark! I hope you are well mate. I have been thinking about you all the time and have been sending all my positive energy your way (there's plenty of it). It certainly sounds like you're being well looked after by Jenna, family and the docs and rightly so as you are the loveliest of lovely buggers. As Betty says, keep smiling and stay strong. There will no doubt be some difficult times ahead but if there ever a man big and strong enough to deal with them it's you. The teaching period is nearly done so I will be over to see you as often as possible (with Blueberries and baked goods of course) while you recover. Indeed, Brother Graham and are planning on heading up on 10th June, we are already very excited about the trip. Cler, Dunney and Tom all send their love as do a load of the students. I will see you soon mate, xxx. Drape

  4. Hey mate,
    Have got some updates off Fitzy and Sharratt/Beth so you keep on with the recovery and it will be nice to see you in person soon. Looks like you will be in Middlesbrough for about as long as Ravanelli was! So me and Nick will look to make our way up there for a visit. Haway the lads! We can catch up on all things Brendan Rodgers and plenty more besides no doubt.

    Spoke with plenty of well wishers in Manchester office over last couple of days too. So thought I would pass that on.
    All the best big fella. Woodsy. xx

  5. Hi Mark and Jenna,

    Im constantly sending positive thoughts and prayers to you, as are my family. Im so proud of the strength you're both showing. Always here if you need anything.

    Lots of love to you and your families xxxxx

  6. Anna Millican6/02/2012 10:07 am

    Thinking of both you and Jenna, wishing you all the best!
    lots of love
    Anna and Alex

  7. Hi Mark,

    I hear that you are being very well looked after by Jenna and family and friends and you have a list of visitors until the end of next year wanting to visit, I hope they have been bringing you in good gifts including the customary bunch of grapes. Cant believe how inconsiderate you have been, bad timing just before your holidays, I know it was the first family holiday but if you really didnt want to go you should of just said, this is a little extreme!!!!!
    I wish you a very speedy recovery and you have an amazing girlfriend and family and friends who are going to be going to with you and supporting you every step of the way.
    Sending lots of love to you all.

  8. hey mark. liking the cheesey blog name! so sorry to hear about your accident, we hear that you are doing well and that you will be back in the land of the living soon. great to hear that Jenna is a good nurse, and that your dad makes a good paper boy! also hope mum isn't fussing too much! anyway Mark, chin up and keep positive, we know you can do it!
    lots of love from Kev Chris Jen, chris's mum (dot)and Chloe woof! xxxxxxx

  9. Dear Mark,
    We found it very hard to leave you today. Rose and I are devastated by what has happened, but we have seen that your mum, dad, Jenna and family are an inspirational team, we have seen a great improvement in just 3 days, keep it going. Because of who you are and the strength that you have, we believe that you will succeed.
    We love you very much and know our daughter will help get you through this. We are thinking of you all the time and look forward to seeing you soon.
    All our love, Rose and Peter

  10. Hi Swifthouse

    Been getting constant updates from Fitzy (via Jenna) so keep up the good work. Really need to see you again at the office, its not the same without you guffing off and chucking random objects at passers by. The boys and I are planning a road trip up to see you soon so that you can abuse Fitzy in person rather than on the phone.

    You make sure you concentrate on getting well again mate, the whole of the company is waiting on news from you, and we all look forward to seeing you again.

    Take care mate, and see you soon. Make sure Jenna keeps working you hard.

    You are in my thoughts.

    Stu xx

  11. We are all thinking of you Mark and sending positive thoughts to you and all your family. Take care and as Stu said, concentrate on getting well. Louise xxxx

  12. Hey buddy,
    Hear you are doing great, even better since Thursday!! Keep it up!! We have our daily updates ofcourse and can't help but check up on how you are getting on if we haven't heard ought, you know what we're all like!! As I said to your dad the other night, no excuses please for the annual Christmas is still on!! Hats i think??!! may need to clarify that one!! Sorry i can't get up with mum etc on Monday as i have the boys but will be up next weekend! Sending all our love,
    Jill, Archie and Louie xxx
    P.S I like this blog idea, well done whoever thought of it!! :) xxx

  13. Swiftola,

    You are constantly in my prayers big man, as is Jenna and your family. Every day we wonder how you're doing, and when we hear positive news, it makes our day.

    Life back in Liverpool is fine, and we're doing out utmost to wind up our Dear Leader. I'm still not sure there's a better way to pass the time, especially under the New Regime.

    I've typed some stuff into some boxes on my all important job to make sure that Stuey is doing some Spreadsheets. I think that look in his eyes that I saw was joy.

    Anyway mate, my heart goes out to you. If there is anything else I can do, I absolutely will. We'll be coming up to you next week with both Stu and Fitz, so you can have equal time in bullying both.

    Genuinely wishing you nothing but the best mate.


    1. It was indeed joy. Unbridled. Joy.

  14. Hi Mark!!!

    So please to hear your doing sooooooo well :-) (like jilly's says we get daily updates which is great) it's such great and positive news :-) your doing brillaintly!..... wish I could say the same about me and technology!!! Seriously I've been trying to send you a message for about 5 mins now and keep having to read Betty's instructions!!! (and the scary thing is it's not rockets science is it) I've just got to grips with FB, haven't got a clue how to 'tweet' to save my life and now 'blog' .......I'll be a computer wizz before I know it!

    Keep up the good spirits and hard work and look forward too seeing you and everyone on Monday!
    Take Care
    Love Son xxx

    ps - message typed......ok what do I do next....Betty!!!!!

  15. Hey Swifty,

    Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you, Jenna and your family.


  16. Hello Young Man,
    Just a quick message from me to you knowing that your getting better. We all know it's going to be a long and winding road to recovery but I've got a feeling it won't be long before you get back home.
    Jenna is a star, she loves you and you know that can't be bad!
    Never forget that we're all together now in rough times and no matter what the problem we can work it out, sometimes with a little help from my friends.

    All together now GOOD LUCK MARK on your road to recovery.

    Sorry it's so corny but your Auntie Sue and I want all 10 Beatles songs named with the year of release and the album they appeared on by the time we get to see you tomorrow. No pressure then.

    Love Auntie Sue and Chris

    1. Love the Beatles theme but you forgot..... With Love From Me To You. Betty

  17. Jaine Davies6/03/2012 10:41 am

    Hey Mark

    Hope you are well on your way to recovery. It may well be a long road but when did difficulties ever stop you getting what you want? You are such a sunshine person, and clearly have tons of support and love flowing towards you -you'll get there!

    I wish you all the best, mate.
    Jaine (was Liverpool, now Cardiff!)

  18. Hi Mark,

    Been learning how to blog for 3 days, think we've sorted it now. We have all been thinking about you and know you will improve on a daily basis, with the support of Jenna and all your family and friends around you.

    Keep up your remarkable spirit, you are amazing. Hoping to get to see you next weekend.

    Sending all our love,
    Carole and George x x x

  19. Hiya Mark,

    We are all really sorry to hear about your terrible accident. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you. Keep up with your incredible strength and positivity in your recovery. You've got great family and friends all around you to help.

    If there is anything at all we can do to help then please just let us know!

    Love and best wishes,
    Carl, Janette, Abigail, Jamie and Barry x x

  20. Hi Swifty,

    Glad to hear how much progress you have made already. Me, Claire and Lynsey have not stopped thinking about you since we heard what happened. Greg kindly rang me to tell me how you have been doing and told me how amazing you have been, (I would expect nothing less from you!). We will continue to send our positive thoughts your way in the hope that your recovery will be a swift(!)one.

    Get well soon mate

    Collette x x

  21. Hannah Griffiths6/04/2012 1:21 pm

    Hey Mark,

    I still can't believe what has happened, it's such a shock but you are doing amazingly well!

    Stay strong and keep fighting. I am sending all my positive thoughts and love your way and truly believe you can do this.

    I think the way you have handled it all is completely inspirational and I am so so proud of the strength and bravery you and Jenna are showing. Jenna absolutely adores you Mark, always will, you've got a good one there! You're just an amazing couple that I feel very privileged to have in my life.

    I am here for you both, loving and supporting you today and always and I know you will get through this.

    All my love to you Mark, your family and to Jenna.

    Hannah and family xxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hi Mark

    It was great to see you looking so well in the week and it’s so promising to hear you are improving each day. It’s going to be a long road to recovery Mark but one I’m sure you and Jenna will succeed in, together with the love and support from your devoted family and friends.

    Your strength and positivity are a true reflection of your character; you're amazing (I think that’s enough praise for now, ha ha!).

    Jenna, you too are truly remarkable.

    Keep your spirits high and I second Jill – no excuses please for the Christmas competition!

    Love to you both, Auntie Bren, Uncle John, Alan, Paul and families and I hope to see you again soon.

    Lots of love
    Suzanne xxxx

  23. Hi Mark, Great to see you today and knowing that you've not lost that great sense of humour of yours was an absolute tonic to us all. Every day sees improvement, nurtured by the Swift family strength and the love of all family and friends you have around you, not forgeting the very special Jenna.
    We'll see you again very soon

    Love Auntie Sue, Chris, Sonia and Christopher

  24. Alright mark, it's Alex. Good to hear you are doing well and that you are staying focused and positive. Everyone is with you mate. We are missing seeing you and a number of us are making plans to come and see you, obviously when rotaman parr can fit us in.
    Keep strong fella, see you soon x

  25. Hi Mark,
    Life's not the same in Liverpool without your cheery face, so funny watching Del get to grips ( or not) with the timetable though!! We've all been thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Stay positive, you've got such a lot of support out there, everyone is routing for you.
    Love Sarah P ( Liverpool office squatter!)

  26. Hey Mark, just want to let you know that there's squillions of best wishes and everything positive coming across the world from Australia.... enough to knock you flat in fact. Uh oh, you've already been knocked flat, so maybe just enough to make you feel better. Hope you can feel them!
    So from all your friends, family and extended family out here, the Sheridan, Dooley, Fry and Barrow families, we're thinking of you and send good vibes. God bless.
    Lots of love Alan and Jo

  27. Hi Mark and Jenna

    Just to let you know we are thinking of you both, delighted you are making progress everyday, keep it going.

    Hope to see you soon

    Love Pam,Steve, Rich & Chris xxxxxxx

  28. Hi Mark.
    Wanted to just say we are thinking of you and sending positive prayers and thoughts your way. Positivity is everything and I know Jenna will be your amazing angel helping you get better.
    Lots of Love Ashlea, Martin and baby Leonardo xx

  29. Hi Swifty!

    I only found out about what had happened last night and have been struggling to get a message to post on here ever since!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Bloody phones!!

    I know it's been an absolute age since we last spoke - and even longer since we last met (school, probably, I think?!?) but as soon as I heard, I just wanted to send you a message to let you know I'm thinking of you and your family and hoping for the speediest of speedy recoveries for you.

    I still work at Fairfield (sorry, WADE DEACON...!?!) once a week now, and it never fails to remind me of the good old GCSE days! The music department looks completely different now, but the memories are still as awesome as ever; your trumpet playing included! :)

    It certainly sounds as if you are completely surrounded - SUBMERGED, even, in the love, care and support of your family and friends, which is the best place anyone can be.

    Stay strong, sir.

    (Cyber-hugs and positive vibes being sent your way)

    Lucy P


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  31. Hi Mark,

    Don't know if you remember me buddy ... Mick Locke? I first met Betty, Sue & your dad when I worked at the Wirral Globe back in 1990. I could tell you a few stories about all that, make your hair curl!!

    To the point ... I am a singer/DJ up here in Carlisle and I’m fast
    approaching my 1000th gig and to 'Mark' the occasion I would like to do a benefit-gig for you (free of course) sometime later in the year - maybe in Southport.

    I'm sure Betty and the gang can organise something (they're dead good at that type of stuff) ... and I will provide the entertainment so everyone you know and love can all be in the same place at the same time all enjoying themselves ... WITH YOU and FOR YOU pal.

    That's my idea ... just a seed ... and if you'd rather give it a miss then that's ok if not, maybe Christmas time would be good. You're in my thoughts and I'm at your service buddy. God bless you! Micky (Diamond), Tracy & Conor xx ;) The gang at the Champ have my contact details.

  32. Mark in the little time i new you, I remember you coming over and helping me put all the sports day equipment away while everybody else was enjoying the free food and bar ! But that just goes to show what a nice/genuine guy you are i have a lot of respect for you and i know you can get through this be strong my friend and take care.
    Mike Walton (post room GT)

  33. Hi Mark, Jenna, Brenda, John and family. Well I have already sent you a message but not sure where it is could be anywhere sorry. We are so so glad you are doing well, keep it up Mark, I keep I touch with Sue she keeps us up to date on your progress. Each day will only get better from now on, so keep on doing what you are doing, sending our love and best wishes to you all, take care Karen, Peter and all the family xx give our love to your mum and dad xx( dads cousin )

  34. What-ho Swifthouse!

    Was great to see you and your family yesterday - we were all amazed at your spirit! Keep that hairy chin of yours up, and don't be ashamed about Jenna plucking your unibrow - its very manly!

    The rest of the box of toys are heading your way as we speak (even if they only really want to watch the football on your fancy swivel TV!)

    Look forward to seeing you back in the North West, as it means you're getting closer to coming home.

    Take it easy mate, see you soon


  35. David Ardill6/11/2012 1:14 pm

    Alright Swifty.

    Our Paul just told me about this blog at the weekend, so it is good to read and catch up on your progress and latest news from the Boro, sounds like you're already, just a couple of weeks on, on the road to recovery - awesome.

    It goes without saying that we are all thinking of you and it isn't a great surprise that you're tackling it all with a smile, pretty inspiring lad!

    Having spent a considerable amount of time at the bedside of my dad last year, I have seen first hand how brilliant the docs and nurses are, so I have no doubt you'll continue to get stronger; we have also seen how good the body is at developing and adapting, too, so hopefully you'll carry on breaking down walls with some good rehab and physio - you're a fit lad (not in a homo-erotic way), so you've got a great chance of fighting back.

    Keep up the fight, mate, I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Dave Ardill

  36. Hey Markus Graham (the Irish one) here. Heard about your accident yesterday.From reading some of these other messages that are posted on your wall they echo my own thougts, that your a really top, top bloke and I'm sure you'll tackle this head on to recover well before your supposed to. No suprise and delighted to hear that your making progress everyday, keep it up my friend.
    P.S. Ireland might of lost to Crotia yesterday but freight not as we'll beat Italy and Spain and win the Euros no problem......
    Take care my good man, I look forward to seeing you in the near future.