Thursday, 19 July 2012

Needles and Pins

Does Southport actually exist?
I worked in Southport for a good while and I know plenty of people who still do, but I'm beginning to think it may be a mythical place! Feeling as though venturing through the back of my wardrobe may be the only way to get a transfer there! So in case you haven't guessed it yet, it was a "No" again on the transfer front this Monday and, even following jk's visit there, it's not looking likely for the next few weeks either! I'm worried I might start picking up the local accent!

Random Smiley Turkish Bloke
That aside, life on the new ward is good and I've been cracking on with the physio as ever. Played some table tennis the other day with a 63 and 71 year old and some random smiley Turkish bloke.  Sadly there wasn't much between us all, much to my competitive streak's annoyance! and we [me and the 71 year old] lost in spectacular fashion as I managed to lose my grip on the bat, miss the ball and have the bat hit me on he head! Impressive I know! 
Sadly no video footage is available!

Needles and Pins
I also tried a bit of acupuncture yesterday, the doc wasn't overly keen when I ran it by him, "like taking water from the Ganges" was his opinion! But as I've said before I'm willing to give anything a go! So we went over, the guy stuck a few needles in me put on some relaxing music and left me for twenty minutes. I haven't felt any significant change, but it was definitely relaxing, much to Jenna's alarm, as just at the end of the twenty minutes I dozed off and my head fell backwards pretty sharpish! It woke me up straight away, but don't think I've ever seen Jen move so fast, I don't think she has much confidence in the rods holding my head on!

Best Meal In Ages
....afterwards, we had another 'date night' and Jenna cooked me the best meal I've had in ages and we got to stay the night in the flat upstairs which was a treat. She undid all the good work at breakfast with possibly the worst fried eggs I've ever had, one split and the other cooked to within an inch of its life! But beggars can't be choosers!

....and great idea from Betty on the caption comp, so get your entries in! ....and suppose I best have a go myself.

Cheers all,


  1. That dinner looks delicious... I will put my order in next time I'm up! And I'm beginning to think you are just not that good at any sport. Table tennis, bowling... although I will give you chin-ups.
    Glad you tried the accupuncture. Nothing ventured and all that.
    Mucho love, Beth xx

  2. Hi Mark,
    We also lived in Southport but i think they closed the town when we left.I woudn't worry too much about picking up the local accent,you can claim you speak a foreign language.I would be more concerned if you start supporting their football team.Keep strong,improve your table tennis game & get someone to show Jenna how to fry an egg.
    Luv Ann &Jimmy

  3. That dinner looks a treat! Table Tennis is all the rage these days, in Liverpool they have random tables in the street where scallys play for about five minutes and then hammer balls at passers by......safer than knife crime I suppose. I'm sure I got married in Southport but it was certainly on it's last legs. If B & M bargains has since closed everyone will have probably got off. See you Monday!!!

    Drape x

  4. Originated in Britain in the 1880's, " Wiff Waff " as it was known then was a game played by the upper crusts with a line of books used as the net. Perhaps putting a lord or viscount in front of your name might get you a bit more respect Mark.
    Stick with the acupuncture mate, I went to one years ago to cure my fear of needles !! If it relaxes you then that's surely a good thing.
    Love some of the captions on the blog and me thinks a tough decision on the winner but look forward to seeing entries from you, jenna, jk and bren, smiley turkish bloke and the rest of the ward.
    Jenna, gave you a 9 out of 10 for the come dine with me but sadly have to take 10 points off as the colours on the plate took the emphasis away from the presentaion of the food. That's a minus one score, however even that score would beat my best.
    Southport situation is not a no but a not yet so stick in there as I can guess how frustrating it is for you all, it will happen.
    As always team swift your in my thoughts every day, enjoy the weekend

  5. hiya Mate

    Just thought i'd send a quick note to follow up that dig in the caption competition...good banter!!

    We had our first day of nice weather on Sunday, so I got in my string vest and sat in the garden with a few stellas. Things are hotting up at the good ship my house... Bev has just gone on maternity leave and we are expecting mini Hurst number 2 on the 15th August, so those stellas yesterday were probably my last for a while as i'm put on the reigns for the drive to the hospital.

    If you can think of any names give us a shout....we are struggling haha. We don't know the baby's sex but we like Molly and Georgia for a girl and Thomas and Sam for a boy.

    Not long now till the footy season starts and hope you have been watching the open!

    Anyway best go, in work, and have so far spent the morning thinking over captions and minimising my screen when the boss walks past.


    1. Betty The Blog7/24/2012 9:51 am

      Don't know who you are (any friend of Swifties is a friend of mine) ..... and, if it's open to a vote,
      It's Georgia for a girl and Thomas for a boy.
      I love both those names.
      Hope all goes well.


    2. Noted. Thanks Betty

  6. Great news on your forthcoming trip. There is a Southport!!!! Good luck for the journey. (any chance of a helicopter ride so you can take in the view)