Friday, 31 August 2012

Well, I'm afraid apologies are in order! 

Sadly it seems getting hold of X-rays and MRIs is not quite as straightforward as I anticipated! ....despite the fact I came down from Middlesbrough with them all on a disc and was told I could have the disc back when they'd copied them, apparently now I can't. 

From what I can gather, it seems the kitty for the Christmas party is a little low, so I now have to pay what as yet, seems to be an undecided fee for the images of my own neck, that I gave them! hmmm!! ...also to try and make it appear less like a scam I need to put it in writing for my consultant. Therefore I made good use of my occupational therapy on Tuesday as I "practiced" my writing to put the letter together.

 I must add the old writing has certainly come on a lot, it's still relatively messy as ever, but moving along the scale towards the legible end of messy! ....and my final excuse for the lack of X-rays is the fact my consultant is off this week, which has just made things even more complicated! ...I will get them next week I promise (although bureaucracy may thwart me again!)  

....oh and no news on the wallet front either, my good luck continues! And, I hear that a member of the British Basketball Wheelchair Team has tested positive for WD40!

Mark x x x 


  1. Terrible terrible joke!

  2. Hi Mark

    Hope you well? Only just heard about your accident. I really enjoyed reading your blog and progress and look forwrd to keeping up to speed with you stiff upper lip approch to the challange ahead. Stay strong mate and remeber " to have rainbows you must get throught the showers"


    Alan w

  3. Anagram association with Calligraphy include graphically and lyrical. Indeed whilst you can't get the word plagiarism, you can get the word piracy !! Im not the font of all knowledge just someone who gets 10 mins for lunch!
    Mark, hope you had a great time at the paralympics, bet it was awesome and one hell of an experience ( look forward to the blog )Believe you popped in last friday, good job I wasn't there as i would have got you in the Guest House Pub over the road within seconds.
    Be in soon to have another catch up, love to Jenna, Bren, John and the gang, keep it going big man