Friday, 1 June 2012

Chatting his ears off!

I've been with Mark tonight, he was a little tired after his friends Bebbo and Ashall had chatted his ears off, well Mark had chatted their ears off too. A great tonic for him. 
Then my mum, dad, Bren, John and I took over and had another good chat. 
It's been a good positive day. And I hope we have many more. 
He has also been keeping up with his little exercises that I've given him, we're working hard.


  1. He was too chatty for my liking! Great to see him in such a good way so soon...small, continual positive steps on a daily basis will get him to where he needs to be.

    Can't wait to see him on Monday & make sure he doesn't scratch his massive scab on his bonce!!

    Bebbo x

  2. Sounds like you're in very good hands over there swifty, Matty told me what had happened and I'd messaged facebook but thinking about it you've probably not had a chance to check it etc.

    All the best wishes in the world mate, cant believe whats happened, thinking of you and the family and Jenna, and if there's anyway i can help you only have to ask / message me

    Hope to catch up with you soon!


  3. Hayley mckelvey6/02/2012 9:16 am

    Hey Mark, Hayley here. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and it sounds like you've made amazing progress. I hope Jenna is being a good nurse!

    Keep going dude - and love the blog too.


  4. Hey Mark,

    Jenna sounds like an earth angel! Glad to hear your chatting the ears off everyone.

    Sending all our love and support to you.

    Laura, Jeff and Emy xxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Mark, love the blog! Just wanted to say we're sending you all our best wishes, positive vibes and prayers. Will be looking out for your news on here. Love Kate, Ste and India.

  6. Duncan harper6/02/2012 10:05 am

    Get well soon mate. Love dunc and Russ �� x

  7. chris davies6/02/2012 7:09 pm

    Get well soon mate, me and Kaz are both thinking of u xx

  8. Christopher Bird6/03/2012 12:28 am

    Joan and I are thinking of you all. Great to hear of such rapid progress. Keep your eye on the prize Mark.

  9. I have no idea where this is going to appear on the blog, but hope you get it Mark!....

    I want you to know that it has been a highlight of each day getting news about how utterly amazing you are being, and how much progress you are making. Just a short note to say that although I knew it before, you and Jenna are THE perfect match, as I honestly have never known 2 stronger human beings. Together you will get through this, and you will have love and support from SO many people around you every step of the way.

    I loved the other day when I was speaking to Jenna and your Dad in the background came out your room as you had banished him as he was talking too much through your programme... Hope you are keeping them all in line....

    I look forward to seeing you next week, and can come laden with fish fingers and custard if you like, as I hear this is a fave dish?

    Sending you tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of love and support to add to the love and support of absolutely EVERYONE behind you, Jayne xxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi Mark,

    I've just been reading through your blog; it must be so comforting and empowering to see all of your messages of support from your wonderful family and fantastic friends; this is clearly testament to you and shows what an incredible person you are.

    To echo what Jayne said: you and Jenna are perfect together and I hear that she, as always, is doing a sterling job ensuring that you do you exercises and chatting to you (even if it is a little too much...). So proud of you both... but seriously guys fish fingers and custard !?!?!?

    It's wonderfully uplifting to also read the amount of progress that you have made in such a short space of time. You are an inspiration and I have no doubt that this positive news will only continue.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts, support and all my love,

    Alex (Beave) xxxxx

  11. Hi Mark
    Just want you to know I am thinking of you. I get a daily update from Rose and Peter, they are so proud of you and the progress you have been making. It sounds as though Jenna is doing a great job. I will hopefully see you when you get your transfer to Southport. Hang on in there.
    Lots of love
    Jackie xxxxxxxxx

    P.s. I believe my Hot Pot went down a treat. Taking orders LOL x

  12. Yo Marky Mark

    Auntie Jan & Billi B wishing you tonnes of progress & hopefully a journey down the motorway whilst we are away.Will be in touch with Lord & Lady Swift to check out the degree of tilt not sure if we need to know the percentage of wasteage though !
    Be good & don't forget to SAVE THE SCAB

    Love to Jenna

    The Nields XXX