Saturday, 2 June 2012

Chasing John

Chasing John

I (the Blog Administrator aka Betty) spoke with John and Brenda this morning.  John said he got chased out of the ward pretty quick when he popped in to give Mark the paper.  The staff were busy doing their jobs and Mark was about to have some physio. The ward sister was over in a flash!

John said Mark is much brighter. Seeing his pals yesterday was a tonic and it lifted his spirits even though he got a bit tired afterwards.  He has come through so much this past week it's unbelievable. He is still in some pain but he has not uttered one single word of complaint to anyone. He is still our Mark and our prayers have been answered. He's going to lead a full and happy life but just in a  different way.

Brenda said, this time last week it was BLACK, today we're in the GREY and in time it will be light again. Thanks everyone for all the support and love it means so much to us.


  1. Hi Mark, Jenna and family,

    It is so good to hear about your progress and positivity. There are so many people thinking of you and praying for you. We get loads of texts and messages, some from people who have never even met you, wanting to know how you all are!
    Once we are back in the UK we will be up to see you.... Hopefully by then John will have some more convo than 'I met Emile Heskey!'.
    Can't wait for the shades of grey to become lighter for you all... Will be praying for that.

    Love always, Beth xxx

  2. Hi Mark
    Great blog, although this is now the hundredth time I've typed my message! Me and technology do not mix. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and I promise to reduce my ability to waffle! This must be a Hughesism! I think you'll agree that Jenna is Queen of the waffling skill?
    You are a real inspiration Mark and I am so proud of you! It is testament to how much you are loved and thought of by the amount of support you have from family and friends. This is growing by the day. You are a fighter and together with everyone behind you, your days will get brighter. Just tune into your blog as we will all send you a little sunshine x remember that recovery is brought about not by the physician , but by the man himself. He heals himself by his own power! I believe you have that power Mark! Love you much!
    Lyns xxxxxxx

  3. I'm with Lynsey on this...I had much trouble trying to figure out this whole blog business!! Probably about the same amount of trouble I had with audits/spreadsheets/tax blah blah blah! (that's your fault btw)!
    As Jenna has kindly pointed out she has useless friends that obv arent as tech literate as your friends, but we are all thinking of you so much and sending our wishes! Seems like you have a good support base around you there, and lots of visitors to come!
    I have access to a wealth of physio knowledge on hand if you ever need any advice, other than that all I can offer you is some cheap lynx or plasters!
    Just a note to Jenna - I can't help feeling that you've managed to get out of book club and miss reading my choice! ;) I think you would have been on my side with it too! If you're not careful you might be on a 3rd strike (something that Anna warned han of last night!)

    I can't help but think I've just rambled some thoughts together here (not just a hughesism after all) but in all seriousness the callow fam and I are thinking about you, Jenna and your fam all the time. You're in the best place with the best care and I have all faith that you'll make fantastic progress in the weeks to come!
    Stay strong
    Jo xxx

  4. Hey Mark,

    Great news about all the progress you've made in such a short space of time! Bring on week 2 hey!! :)

    I may sound like an echo here, but so many people have been touched by your story and it's amazing the amount of love, support and best wishes that have come your way! Both Craig and I have been thinking about you, Jenna and your family everyday and we know if anyone can keep strong, it's you!!

    Keep flashing those pearly whites as things will only continue to get better.

    On the plus side, Jenna has no excuse not to put on a sexy nurses outfit for you... Every cloud and all that ;)

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love Nin xxx

  5. Mark,
    I love the blog although my competency as schools ICT co-ordinator has come into question due to my apparent inability to write a message... I have therefore given up on my iPhone and moved to a computer... here goes!!

    I am amazed by the amount of progress that you have made in the space of a week and am loving the idea of tickets for visits- I'd suggest charging too!! :)

    The amount of love and support you are receiving is a reflection of the person that you are Mark!

    We are all so proud of your strength and Jenna's- I know she will challenge, support, encourage (and on occasion annoy :P ) you every step of the way. You are very lucky to have oneanother.
    Jenna along with your friends and family and your own perseverance will help show you that where you may feel doors have closed, there are as many if not more that will open and together you will find keys for the others! We are all sending all our positive thoughts and energy to you.

    As for Nin's nurse comment... I think photographic evidence of such an event would be necessary but equally somewhat disturbing!! ;)

    Every persons true potential is unknown and unknowable and I'm looking forward to witnessing yours grow and take shape. Keep smiling
    All my love