Monday, 25 June 2012

Crossword Whizz Kid

Rock and roll world of crosswords!

How about this then...... I did manage to write (well kind of anyway!) all the answers myself, can't quite claim to have gotten them all myself as it was a team effort, quite embarrassing as it's only the mirror crossword!

But pleased with my efforts as I couldn't even hold a pen a few weeks ago, my handwriting was never very good anyway!

Cheers to all Mark x x 


  1. Stu Williams6/25/2012 9:22 pm

    Good stuff mate - its still neater than mine! Don't underestimate the difficulty of the Mirror Crossword - its not The Star you know


  2. Brilliant pal, great persistent efforts = big changes in the long term!!

    Bebbo x

  3. wow! you'll be on the times crossword next!
    keep it up, stop that old brain of yours turning to mush! love to John Bren and Jenna
    proud of you, Jen Chris Kevin and Chloe x

  4. Superb stuff mate. Hope the physio goes well this week

    Stu, catherine and Matthew x

  5. That's great to see :-)

    Shell, Fods and Harrison x

  6. Brilliant mate. Cryptic tomorrow maybe. Did You do this instead of watching the footie. Might have been a more entertaining choice. Took a while to realise you could enlarge the crossword by clicking on it. The joys of getting old. Keep up the good work - you get out what you put in.


  7. Swifty - we all know that's an improvement on your hand writing :D

    Pete G

  8. It's about on par with your T4T writing that!


  9. careful mate, it's a slippery slope. you'll be doing word searches next.............

  10. Hey Mark!!!

    Just got back from the Isle of Swamps and has made my first morning back in work a million times better reading what you have been up to the last few days that I have been internet-less. Massive well done on the cross word, that really is phenom, you are doing brilliantly. As for the handwriting, come from a lefty, I would say it is pretty neat. Hope the infection clears up asap, and Jenna returns today with some fresh chat.... lots of love coming your way, Jayne xxxxxxxx

  11. Ironically I got my dad on the old crossword joke last night.I tell him I can't get last answer but the clue is postman, he says how many letters and I say a whole sackful of them !! Always works but depends if you thinks its funny. Well done mate and judging by the writing, you've used one of john's posh pens!
    Love to all of you guys

  12. Oh Chewy.... don't give up the day job!

  13. great effort Mark. Poor hand writing! Dont think so! You should see some of the scrawl that passes for hand writing at the Champion office! Phil Lill

  14. You read the Mirror......
    I have no words for you!

    Ginger Neil

  15. well done Mark, it will be the Daily Mail next, catching up with Unc John. See you soon.
    Auntie Jean

  16. note from uncle Kevin: Mark, did you know that the inventer of the crossword is buried in a cemetery in Wigan? it's really easy to find, it's 3 down 4 across!
    Marks out of 10 on this joke please! :)
    love Kev Chris Jennie and Chloe xx

  17. Well done Swifthouse. Now you're able to write we may well have to swing some more missing men quizzes your way to test your knowledge of obscure french left backs.

    Made up to hear your progress mate. It even (nearly) undoes the anger I felt at covering spreadsheets last week.



  18. Constipation - 9 letters - First letter is n - middle letter is n - last letter is n.
    Answer tomorrow if no one gets it. (the answer that is, not connstipation)

  19. Alright swiftly lad! Thought it was about time that we blogged you x awesome progress mark love your crossword - I wouldn't have a clue if that makes you feel better. The house move is now all done and dusted- about time. I tell you Matthew and I have had many a cross word this week! However we are still friends, just about. Jenna helped us with the garden today and lovely Marie and Sid provided tea and biscuits. Jenna enjoyed standing around telling us what we were doing wrong. Does that sound familiar? I am sure you have had a peaceful couple of days without bossy boots but she has told us how fantastic you have been in terms of your attitude towards your recovery which is making a difference and so soon. Keep it up swiftly - some days there may not be a song in your heart. Sing any away .......just not too loud as we need to sleep. Xxxxx as always we love you by mucho xxxxx Matthew, Lyns and Harry xxxxxxxxx

  20. Charlotte Marti6/26/2012 10:57 pm

    So impressed not only with the writing but that you managed to work out the answers always 1 or 2 I can't get... get so annoyed! Glad to hear all the great progress, keep it up mate! Love Charlotte

    p.s. as a teacher of year one children i would have to say your handwriting is VERY neat xx