Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ace All Day

Hi everyone - Jenna here,

I left Mark feeling rather tired last night...... I've a good idea why, he was subjected to listening to my dad throughout the Spain and France game!!  It might have been just because of his busy day or it might have been my dad's chattering ......whatever it was that caused him to doze off, we may never know.

Isolation isn't too bad, as the nurses don't notice you as much which means the sneaking in is sometimes a little easier, saying that though they were willing to kick us out bang on 9 p.m. on the dot but, a hug and plead from my dad persuaded them to let us stay.

Mark's been ace all day, with improvements being made all the time. Brenda and John were persuaded to go home this weekend and are back Sunday, and in return I am nipping home for a night.  This is to make sure we have more to talk to him about.... think he gets bored of our daily activity as it basically involves waiting until we are allowed in to visit him.

Please keep the lovely messages coming they are great for us all to read!

Jenna xxxxx


  1. I've got my bar (well what's left of a bar) of whole nut ready for the match tonight. During both of the last matches shortrly after I broke into a row England scored! So I'm going to experiment tonight and break into a row at the 56 minute mark, so if England score shortly after I may well auction the remnants of the bar. Glad to know your feeling up to par again Mark just make sure you stay awake until the 56th minute.

    Love to all Chris

  2. Hi Mark

    Its Little Tony Mc here - just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you pal, i will have a word with Alex tonight about a visit as it would be really good to see you mate.

    Cheers Tony