Friday, 22 June 2012


Despite the fact I feel fine, the water infection I picked up last week turned out to be one of those that 'infection control' get a little twitchy about, so I've now been stuck in isolation!

Basically, I've got a private room so don't have to listen to the snoring from the other blokes on the ward!

The main reason I write is just to let everyone know that if you are planning on visiting in the next week it’s still ok.  You still can come, but...... if you're under the weather, pregnant, or a child you best give it a miss!

For those of you who have been up recently, don't worry, the nurses assure us its nothing serious and very difficult to contract! ....and as I say I feel fine and dandy!

Love Mark x x x


  1. Glad to know your feeling fine even though you're in solitary. It should give the others in the ward a rest from your snoring! I'm sure you'll be back anoying them again very soon. Hope you and Jenna enjoyed your time in the flat.

    See you soon Chris

  2. Mark, the North West also has a water infection, its called RAIN and its coming down monsoon style !! You might have a full isolation ward soon mate.
    Ok, have worked out how England will win Euro's so see if hospital caterers will work with you on this one. I ate meatballs when we beat the swedes, I had vegetable soup when we beat the Ukrainians ( ok it wasnt borscht but as near damm it ) so we should all drink red wine and spaghetti on Sunday, Moussaka on Wednesday ( bye bye germans tonight ) and heaps of paella on July 1st !! If all else fails, what a gourmet delight. Mark, hope infection clears up soon and the weekend goes well. More progress with chair which is great ( can't believe you put Paul in charge of hospital tour..still shaking from mirande trip ) love to john, Bren, Jenna and gang and all in my thoughts every day

  3. Hi Mark

    Aunty Do here on Cheryls computer. Glad you are feeling better. I don't think I am pregnant but will see you when you are a little bit closer as I don't travel well these days.
    I rather like the beard makes you look distinguished ( I am so glad there is a spell check on this computer as I am a rubbish speller and our Cheryl will go mad if there are any mistakes). This message has taken me 2 hours to do.

    As always lots of love

    Love to Bren and John and the rest of the 'gang'.

    See you soon

    Love Aunty Do xxxxxxx

  4. good job your up there in middlesborough, keep your nasty germs away from us! thought of an easy way for you to have a bath with little or no effort on your part. get Paul to take you outside for 5 minutes, lean back and relax! bet you and Jenna are secretly jumping for joy re the isolation, lots more private time! we send lots of love to Bren, John, Jenna and yourself, hope you hear news from southport soon
    lots of love from Chris Kevin Jennie and Chloe xx

  5. Alright Mark,

    I hope you get over the infection in time for the England game mate! I've been checking back this site often and its great to hear of the progress you're making but I think I'm going to have to come visit you soon; you see I've just had my college timetable through and I've got Sharratt for like half of it, I mean come on there's only so many times you can hear a purple aki accountancy joke before it gets old!

    Anyways I probably shouldn't be telling you any of this, you'll just end forwarding it on to the whole Kaplan office or something....

    I hope to see you soon mate, all the best and I hope you continue to progress in the same way you have so far! Keep up the posts as well please!

    Love Tom Jones x

  6. Can you contract this infection from shared beaker usage? Knew I should have opted for a straw! I don't know who Aunty Do is, but I already love her. Also don't know who Tom Jones is, but he is now on my hit list! Funny is one thing my man has... Beth xxx

    1. She is a dear Beth (I feel a song coming on)and I'm just glad she didn't make any bad smelling pistakes!


  7. Purps will consolidate your assets, jones, and when he has finished you re gonna need impairing.

  8. I've got to say "Three cheers for Aunty Do"
    Hip Hip Hooray x 3!
    Two hours to post a message has got to be a record and a great achievement. I don't know who you are Aunty Do but you must be made of the stuff Mark is. Well done and write again soon - we're all looking forward to your next message. x x x