Thursday, 21 June 2012

Antibiotics or Visitors?

Antibiotics or visitors, which are the best?

My symptoms of shivering and a high temperature seemed to clear up as soon as Alan, Rach, Chan and Alfie, and the Foddys turned up on Sunday so I definitely think the visitors were the cure!...... was also good to get some beard support from Matt, a long term beard wearer.

Despite the democratic vote Betty conducted that is clearly pro beard, Jenna still wants rid :(  I have managed to buy some time again by compromising and allowing Jenna to get stuck in and give it a wee groom!

.... Other than the beard, I've managed to get up in the chair several times and sit much more upright since I last wrote, today I was in it for five hours so it's great to get a change of scenery and be able to go outside and generally just not be lying down permanently.

Paul took me for a full circuit of the hospital yesterday, bit of a bumpy ride, bit like his driving but saw the helipad it didn't bring back any memories of my arrival, clearly the morphine was doing what it was supposed to at the time!

Also got to see the X-rays yesterday, the before wasn't as gruesome as I'd expected but still brought a tear to the eye, the after on the other hand looks to have guaranteed me a thorough search at any airport in the future, looked like a set of Meccano has been put in there..... right I'm rambling so going to go, got a bit of quiet time with Jenna tonight in a flat they have upstairs, so got to make myself look presentable!

Thanks to all, Mark x

Note from Betty. 
Sorry I am late posting this.
It should have been posted last night but internet let me down.


  1. I don't know why it takes you boys so long to realise.... but we girls do know best. Off with that facial rug!
    Hope date night went well. Sorry I couldn't be there, but Parr-ey thought Jenna might not go for the menage a trois approach.
    In other news, Doug was 1 yesterday, and has received birthday cards from as far afield as Italy (I am not actually joking)! Hopefully him and Jake will enjoy their party tonight complete with specially made dog birthday cake. Have a super day, much love, Beth xxx

  2. Hello there 'second cuz'. Just catching up on the old blogette and I actually quite like the beard - fits in with your lecturer look (circa 1974 BBC2 Open University stylie). As long as it doesn't affect your trumpet playing who cares. Perhaps a compromise is a goatee - that way Jenna can have a grooming frenzy.

    Glad to hear your tempertaure has gone down and that your tilt is on the up.

    We are off for a few days in August and would love to see you. I shall check-in with Rotaman before we set out.

    Lots of love to you, Jenna (even tho we have only met her the once in good old TK Maxx)and to Godfather John and Bren.

    Nicky and Doug xxxx

  3. Don't act the goat whatever you do. Full beard is what's required. Glad to hear you're in good spirits again and looking forward to a bit of private time with Jenna. Just a thought for another poll which sprung to mind when sampling your CDM on Saturday. On Sunday as part of my fathers day treats I was given a bar of CDM whole nut (not as big as yours though) which brought back memories, as for years I've thought pure CDM was best. Now I'm not sure. The only thing I'm sure about is it's got to come straight from the fridge. By the way I've been told off for including Auntie Sue in my liking for BLT so i'm solo from now on with my comments. Keep up the phenominal progress with the chair. It's A19, A1M then M62 but stick to the hard shoulder.
    See you soon Chris

  4. As a busy rotaman this is clearly the first chance I have had to post something. Let me say I am truly shocked at the number of people who do actually want to see your ugly mug. as an accountant I never thought you would go as far as to pay all these people to make you look popular in front of me. I would like to thank everyone who has been to see "The Dog" not for him but for me, it's been a real comfort to know he has so much support as I am frustratingly far away, drugs vs visitors ? In my opinion visitors ! Although I'm sure I have mOre than one dealer living on my street if you want something stronger than antibiotics! Your progress has been rapid so I'm expecting 20 press ups next time I visit (next Saturday no pressure)! I'll be bringing nell and the girls to bore the skin Off you and hopefully it will be in southport coz the drive to borough is a comPlete ball ache! That's right of course I'm thinking of myself why change a habit ha ha! Seriously though I have my fingers crossed that you are moved real soon, I know how much that will mean to you. Charlie sends her love Look after yourself fatty remember speed limit is 10 mph around car Park, in a telescope lense I'll see you soon xxx
    Parr -e-

  5. Terrible grammar and horrendous use of the CaPs LoCk.

    Best best man x

  6. Hi Mark, i hope your doing well under the circustances you are under, i found out the news from Dad on my arrival back to uk from Auz and was left totally speachless. But from what i gather you are being so strong and positive about situation, but a pain in the butt for the nurses :-) I only had a short space of time in uk as i came over to suprise Karl for his birthday and had to cram alot of Dad and lad time in with him as it is soooo hard working awsay from home and from him, mind you its good to get back to sydney as he cost me a fortune in lego and birthday treats!! Have you been following the euros?? lets hope SG carries on that form into the season with the reds and Big andy carries on where he left off and we start the season with a big becuse we have some really tough early fixtures. I know mum is keeping your blog going and your Mum and Dad have been a tower of support from what mum tells me, i wish you well and i will keep checking your blog, good Luck Mark, pass on my best to your mum and Dad and brothers Regards Nick D