Monday, 18 June 2012

Bacon Butty Order

Well, what did we say..... there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep and a bit of antibiotic to get you over the shivers.  I think all the TLC has something to do with it too, but this morning Mark’s temperature is fine and he has bounce right back. ReMARKable!

He’s as bright as button and as lively as ever.  Actually, he has made his first complaint this morning! “Where have you been, you’re late with my paper”  John said there was a queue at W.H.Smith’s and he was a few minutes late, but it was great to see Mark sitting up in the bed and looking very good. He’ll probably have another go in the chair later (after he's read the paper) Progress as usual.

This morning Mark said he just fancied some Bacon Butties.  How about this for an order, “three rounds of bread (not toasted) lots of bacon (no fat) and either sliced tomatoes or tomato sauce”  John said he’ll have to drive down with a flashing blue light on the car to make sure they’re still hot when he gets there.

Making my mouth water.....enjoy!

Betty The Blog.


  1. he complains just as much when his cup of tea is late at work.....

  2. I don't know where I went wrong, it's got to be brown sauce! - Dad

  3. Betty The Blog6/18/2012 2:59 pm

    Hey John well done... did you really post that message all on your own! :-)

    Do I feel another poll coming on?
    We only have one day left on the beard one.
    Could this be the replacement?

    Brown Sauce or Red Sauce or No Sauce

  4. Lettuce and tomato or brown sauce is the only way with a bacon butty. Red sauce is only for chips or egg sandwiches. Obviously he's been brunged up wrong.
    Glad to here you're feeling well again, as the appetite proves. Should be 1hr 20 min in the chair today if you are keeping on track but don't rush things. Steady progress is the way to go.
    Auntie Sue, Chris and the gang

  5. Wonderful to hear your feeling loads better today Mark!!! Lovely to see you doing soooooooo well on Saturday, was sooo funny and the banter was brillaint in the 'Quiet room'!!! :-) They defo need to change that sign on the door. lol.
    Was laughing my head off about the cockroach landing on Suzanne's head.........oooohhh I can picture it now (so wish I had been a fly on the wall.....saying that she'd probably have spat me!)
    Keep up the great spirit, see you soon
    Love Son xxx

  6. mmm, if no tomatoes, then tomato sauce. Does that mean no hash browns, then brown sauce ?. Which begs the question as to what colour sauce you would use if you had a bacon, slice tomatoes and hash brown butty !!
    Mark, glad to hear the temperature is back to normal and more importantly your so desperate to read of copy of this weeks Champion that your sending John out to find one ( Philly D make a note to stock WH Smith outlets with copies of the Champion !! ). Have a progressive chair day and speak soon mate

  7. Ooowww you can't beat a bacon butty with RREEEEDDDDD sauce!!!!!!!!!..........only!!! Nothing else otherwise you will ruin it!! tut tut...salad on a bacon butty!! whoever said that!!......mum it was you guys, no no no no!! ha ha! Glad you are feeling better again today Mark, thers's going to be the odd days like this, but you are only allowed 'the odd day' mind!!
    Take care, hope to see you very very soon,
    cuddles coming your way
    Jill, Archie and Louie xxx

  8. Hi Mark - great to hear that you're making progress - and nothing says 'progress'to me like demolishing a bacon butty! We've been tuning in to the blog to see how you're getting on, and its amazing - but typical of the sort of person you are - how you've responded...and the same goes for everyone around you. Oh, and definitely keep the beard...if its good enough for Xabi Alonso...
    Nick and Sarah (Snelham) x

  9. Sorry, but I have had to add my two penneth worth on this. You can't put sauce, of any colour, on a bacon butty. On those rare occasions when I have one then it has to be crispy (fat burnt) smokey bacon with loads of butter on thick very fresh bread. I want grease and butter dribbling down my chin and onto my shirt, not sauce!
    Incidently Mark, I was telling Angie the other day about your Lazyboy exploits. She looked at me in horror and confusion for several seconds before asking me "Ladyboy Chair?"
    You are clearly doing so well and have fantastic support from family, friends and the staff at the hospital. You are allowed bad days just as long as they are heavily outnumbered by the good.
    Even Joshua, whose mind rarely ventures from Lightning McQueen, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, the PS3 and the pet rabbit asks about you just about every day. We are all thinking of you.
    All the best,
    David, Angie, Adam and Joshua