Sunday, 17 June 2012

Some days are diamonds, some days are stones - today was somewhere in the middle.

After the excitement of the great escape yesterday and all the fun and laughter in the ‘quiet’ room, today Mark awoke with a temperature!  Wouldn’t you just know it!

He was shivering and feeling cold but his temperature was quite high so the staff have been trying to bring it down.

It seems to have settle now and we think he’ll feel better for a good night’s rest and some antibiotics.  They say it's probably only a slight infection but he was confined to bed - and quite rightly too.

Once again we had loads of friends and family who just keep coming all this way to see Mark. Thank you all for helping and supporting and for sharing Father’s Day with us.

A BIG thanks to our own little ray of not you John! 
I'm talking about Alfie who always brings the sunshine with him.

Jenna, John and Brenda  x x x


  1. Betty The Blog6/18/2012 12:02 am

    Hi Mark, Sorry to hear you've got a temperature. Hope you cool off very soon. I've been thinking about you all the time with good positive vibes and keeping you in my prayers.
    We want you back here in Southport doing just "Champion" as soon as possible!!!
    All our love
    Betty and Mike x x x

  2. I really hope you are feeling a lot better today Mark and that you are back to the right temperature, although difficult in your sauna-esque room!

    It was so great to see you on Saturday, and to see how fantastically you are doing, and how each day you keep conquering something new. I have everything crossed re the Southport move.

    I will see you again very soon, lots of love Jayne xxx

  3. Hi Mark

    Sorry you weren't feeling great yesterday, I hope you are feeling better today - and I agree with Jayne, your room is very sauna like!

    It was great to see you on Saturday, your progress, determination and humour are truly amazing (and they keep motivating me not to give up just yet on my new job! (thankfully today is going better than last week)).

    Keep smiling and I look forward to seeing you again soon - fingers crossed you will be a little closer to home.

    Lots of love
    Suzanne xx

  4. PS - I take that back about today being better. A cockroach thing has literally just fallen from the air conditioning vent onto my head (and I really do mean onto my head)!! Is this a sign to leave.....

    1. I really fealt for the cockroach!

      Chris K

  5. Hi Mark and Jenna,

    I'm one of Jenna's mum's friends from netball (we met briefly at Rose's 60th in January). I just wanted to say I keep track of your progress via the blog and am amazed at the progress you are making and your positive attitude. Jenna's a great girl and I'm sure she'll do everything she can to support you over the coming month's / years. Take care and look forward to the next update on your blog.

    Best wishes
    Dawn and Mike Kavanagh