Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sleeping Beauty!

Evening Everybody!   Mark has had one busy day.

It started in the usual way, John delivering his paper, me calling in at 12.30 to see if he had found the messages I had hidden inside it.

I come back at 3 to find him fast asleep, as you can see from the picture. Unfortunately, I did have to wake the sleeping beauty (with a kiss) as he had yet another room full of visitors... erm only about 20 of us today!

He mentioned to the nurses that he hadn't been turned at 2 p m, I wasn't impressed with their tardiness, but Mark wasn't bothered as he was able to sleep for longer.

He also said he wanted to try and sit up today and try the chair again. His motivation, determination and positivity really is inspiring to all. He wants to push himself each day.

So by about 4.30 he was with all his friends and family in the 'quiet' room joking, laughing keeping everyone entertained and just being the reMARKableSWIFT we know and love very very much.  As usual, Mark takes it to the max  - he was in that chair for a full hour and he even ventured outside again. At the end of it all instead of feeling tired and exhausted he said he actually felt stronger. That's my man!

A day full of new achievements, advances and positivity!

Jenna x

P.S.  Bebo says "We should sack the Rotaman - this was a great afternoon." 


  1. Great day up in the 'boro with a party like atmosphere in the quiet room. However, the rotaman needs to be sacked. Twenty visitors by the last count. Terrible organising.....

    Bebbo x

  2. Charlotte Marti6/16/2012 10:58 pm

    It is inspiring to see how much progress you are making day to day. Looking forward to hearing more good news and I voted for the beard DEFINITELY needs to stay! haha
    Hope to see you back in the North West soon!

    Lots of love

    p.s. as if anyone could get Jenna to leave especially when the football was on!


  3. Great to be part of the crowd with 'The Inspirational One'as he ventured outside for the second time. Could have done with a bit more CDM though, you know what I'm like when it comes to eating.Keep up the good work and you may be able to by-pass Southport and go straight home. Great to see you looking so well complete with spandex. Looking forward to the next visit and seeing how you will surprise us all again.

    Auntie Sue, Chris and the gang.

  4. okay, I am really missing out on the weekly weekend part-ays!! :( Didn't realise they were all going up!! So, being a lazy boy again then!! How fab!! Ha ha have no control!! Mark, lovely again to hear how brill you are doing, see you soon
    Jill, Archie & Louie xxx

  5. hi mark, its great to read the blogs and hear how positive you are. Sounds like the roecovery process is in full swing!
    All the best and keep up the good work.
    Love to you and the family, From the Brindle Family. Also all the best from the lads in the bowling club xx

  6. Hi Mark
    Sorry I didn't get to see you this weekend but I'll be up next weekend. Mum, Dad and Tom all came back raving about how great you are doing. Keep up the progress and I'll see you next weekend.

    Lots of Love

    Andrea xxx

  7. Hi Mark
    You don't know me but I am a friend of Dave Jones - we go to the same church. Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers - especially our 2 year old who has taken you to heart. Dave told our whole church today about your progress. We are routing for you!
    All the best

  8. Hi Mark,

    My name is Jennifer Remington. I live in Littleton, Colorado in the United States. I read Betty's post on the Christopher Reeve Foundation website and felt compelled to write to you. I to broke my C7 vertebrae in a diving accident 3 yrs ago. I am listed as a C6/C7 quadraplegic but have full arm movement and great hand strength/movement. I have read all the blogs and I am amazed at how fast you are progressing!! Keep up the good work and positive attitude!!

    If you would like to talk more please feel free to email me at

    There is great life waiting for you, it may be different but it is beautiful just the same!!!

    1. Betty The Blog6/18/2012 12:56 pm

      Jennifer, how lovely of you to leave such a supportive and positive message.
      I especially love the last line as it delivers so much hope to us all. I know Mark and his family will be touched by your kind words and your encouragement.
      Thank you so much.