Friday, 15 June 2012

Lazy Boy Chair - that's how I roll!

Mark III

Well today I eventually got off the tilt table and into a chair! Not quite upright, more your lazy boy style chair as that’s how I roll, or more accurately what my blood pressure demands! But definitely moving in the right direction, I even got to go outside for 5 mins which was quite literally a breath of fresh air!

And, to continue on the too much information theme of last time, I‘m also now doing my own catheter, to say it’s a little weird is an understatement!  Certainly never thought I’d be putting anything down there (apologies for the mental image if you had one, and apologies if you didn’t as you probably have now!)... enough of that anyway! 

Looking forward to the footy tonight hope we manage to venture out of our own half, talk of Carroll starting, hopefully he can play like he did at the end of the season!

Disappointed with the Irish, my pick in the work sweepstake, think it was a fix in my absence!! 

Oh, the nursing staff have been very nice and given Jenna special dispensation to stay till the end of the match, it’ll save her hiding under the bed for once!

.... again thanks everyone for the kind wishes, visits, gifts, cards and positive thoughts,

Love to you all,
Mark xxx


  1. Wahoo!!! Way to go Mark!!!!! Wonderful stuff!!!

    You did make me giggle reading your blog tonight....esp about Jenna hiding under the bed - hysterical. talking about your blood's it coping watching the match??? it's all go isn't it....exciting stuff (As I usually think watching England is like watching paint dry!). As you can gather I'm multi-tasking at the min typing and watching the match at the same time....ok admitedly not watching the game whilst typing, not the best at multi-tasking either to be truthful lol.

    Keep up the good work and great spirit.

    See you tomorrow
    Son :-) xxx

  2. Hi Mark, i posted up about your accident on Singletrack magazines forum, a forum for cyclists , who ride bikes, and discuss all sorts of fun and games.
    Everyone has been so positive just like yourself, and reading you and Bettys blog, its great the recovery youre making, i wish you the very best for the future, and please dont sell the bike just yet, leave it for a while, you just never know .

  3. Noooooooooooo!! That was gunna be my comment over the blood pressure!!!!..........I'm not even interested in the football, but watching it and getting a lil excited!
    So hey then lazy boy!!! ha ha!! sorry, getting carried away with the exclamation marks!! (may aswell add a few more for the sake of it!!)
    All sounding very good, that was a bit of a leap from 10 degrees to chuck you out the bed and sit up, but hey you are clearly ready for it! Wey glad to hear you've had your daily dose of vit D, been raining on n off all bloody day here!! :(
    ...........yay, we won!
    Anyways....I know mum, Son, Suz and maybe Christopher are coming up to see you tomorrow, wishing I was coming up too! So Sorry again and as soon as you get back we'll be first to visit!! Really lovely to hear how well you are doing, keep it up young man!!
    Take care, see you soon
    Jill, Archie & Louie xxx

  4. Bet that fresh air was very welcome! Thanks for the mental images too... Worried about what I might dream about tonight. Sounds like you've had a brilliant day matey, and the England boys have done you proud now too. Also, I reckon Jenna would fit in that wardrobe... Just a thought! Much love as always, Beth xx

  5. Great result! Oh and England did alright as well!
    See you tomorrow.

    Chris (K)

  6. Excellent!!
    Plenty of positive vibes coming your way from the south west ��

  7. Back again...seems like beard is staying:-)
    I voted keep it on.

  8. Great stuff mate. That is brilliant news. Keep up the superb progress mate, your an inspiration! Mine and Emma's thoughts are with you willing you on. I'll be popping up soon for another visit, we'll get to see how long that beards got as well ;-) (hasn't Jenna had the razor at it yet? ;-). Keep at it matey and I'll see you soon.

  9. Amazing how your coping Mark. You certainly are an inspiration. Hope you enjoyed the England roller coaster of a game last evening. Keep improving!!! Derek Cropper Manchester

  10. Hi Mark

    I believe I dont know you as much as everyone here but since i just learned about this blog i thought i will let you know that my thoughts are with you...

    Hope you get back on your feet soon!


  11. Super stuff Mark, keep it going mate. What a cross and what a header by Carroll !! Is he the real deal? lets see.
    Daily prayers continuing fella
    See you soon and God bless
    Jonesy (GT)
    PS. we're now unbeaten in 2 on the cricket pitch with another fine display by Tom with the bat hitting a 6 for victory in the last over. Clearly this can't continue !!

  12. Hi Mark

    Its great to read your blogs and watch your progress 'live' so to speak. You are truly inspirational.

    Found these words in a poem and thought of you! Hope you like them.
    'The strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest.
    It's in his Heart...that lies within his chest.'

    Love to you and everyone x

    Sue Lord

  13. Great news swifty, extremely impressive progress! As for the vote, I see there is no option for a handle bar tach!? That's my vote. Hopefully going to pop up again soon for another visit. Enjoy the footy and some more fresh air!

    Take care

    Stu, Catherine and Matthew