Thursday, 14 June 2012

Up For It!

This morning we hear from Jenna,

Hi everyone,  We were hoping that Mark might be able to sit in a chair today but he needs a little bit more work on the tilt table first.  He would push himself (you know what he's like) but they are taking great care that he doesn't go too far too soon.

I know that as soon as they let him he'll be sitting in the chair like Lord of the Manner.  He's up for it! He has reached 40 degrees on the tilt table again so his progress is still outstanding and his positive attitude never falters.

No news about a transfer yet so if anyone has a direct line to God's ear now is the time to whisper gently into it.

We had some lovely presents yesterday from some lovely, lovely friends.  Thank you.  Everyone is so kind and supportive, we are surrounded by amazing friends and family.

Can you believe it.... I got kicked out of the ward early last night. This is really starting to annoy me.  If I didn't know better I might think the nurses are ganging up on me. I draw the curtain around us for a little snuggle but they come in and chase me out!  I bet they're only kicking me out so they can have Mark all to themselves..... Hands off he's my fella!

The facial hair is still growing (Mark's not mine) and we're really enjoying all the votes and the different comments "for "and "against".  Keep them coming and thank for visiting the blog.

Love Jenna


  1. Hey Jenna, sounds like we need a covert operation to secure more snuggly time with the bearded one ( get me thinking cap on ). Lovely to read the update as i know you are sharing every emotion with Mark and the Swift clan ( as we all are )and although we haven't met yet, it will be my privilege to do so as you sound amazing.
    Mark, I hope they have a spare tilting table as I think the one you are using will admit defeat and retire ! Seriously good progress mate, Rome wasnt conquered overnight but you may achieve Middlesbrough !!
    Thoughts are with all of you

  2. David Rankin6/15/2012 11:29 am

    Mark, I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and let you know I'm thinking of you. I was away in Cologne when I got the text from Dave the other week and I didn't know how to get in touch with you so this blog is great and you're looking good with the beard! I've voted for it. You're a beautiful, warm, lovely man Mark if you don't mind me saying and although I've never met Jenna she's very obviously a very special lady too. The amount of people who want to visit you is testament to the person you are and how much everyone thinks of you. There are many people who deserve to be ahead of me in that queue but when you move to Southport hopefully there wil be time to fit me in for a quick visit by the seaside!

    Love to you, Jenna, your family and your friends.

  3. Hello love!
    I have to say Mark looks a little skinny in the above picture, more Big Macs needed clearly :-)

    Can't believe they have been booting you out early, the cheek of it. Were they male or female nurses kicking you out? Either way it's an outrage. Stand your ground good woman.

    Cracking news that the chair is in sight, will be cracking to get mobile. I bet he can't wait.

    Speak soon, Drape x

  4. Howdy Partners,
    Look forward to getting you back to the Wild Wild North West soon.

    Sounds like the nurses are liking the grizzly bear up in them there hills! This one seems to have already been branded though!

    Keep up the hardwork, stay one step ahead and keep quick on the draw.

    Yee Ha!

  5. Hi Mark,

    Stu from Newcastle Kaplan here. I have to say I was absolutely devastated to hear the news a few weeks ago when I found out about your accident, but finding this blog has really made me smile to see you doing so well. I hope you got our card! (if not it should be arriving soon, took a while to find the address).

    And 'Boro eh? I know I said you should come back to the North East ASAP... but this wasn't what I had in mind - anything to avoid another Newcastle game eh?

    I would love to come visit if possible, but understand if this would not be appropriate/possible, maybe if Jenna could let me know if there will be any opportunity for this over the next week or so?

    Anyway, I'll stop rambling, hope to see you soon, and sending positive thoughts your way for a continued recovery.


    1. Hi stu! Have a word with rotaman (Parry) he will sort you out! Jenna x