Monday, 11 June 2012

Senior Sister Said

Today we hear from Jenna....

As you might expect....... Mark received a selection of Mac Donalds treats yesterday from his Kaplan clan, so I ate the roast dinner he had ordered from the hospital. Delicious on both counts!

John and I discussed Mark's progress with the Senior Sister who said his progress is brilliant.  It's really excellent that  only two weeks after his accident he is ready and eager for physio. 

She said they are also hoping to get him on the tilting table again today.  So we shall see if he can manage another 10 degrees after all those Big Macs.

All in all Mark is still doing well and, thanks to the Kaplan friends he has now lost all trace of his Maccies craving!
Love Jenna  xxxxx


  1. Keep up the positivity Mark - you are a real star !
    Graham Ridgway

  2. This is all great, positive news!! Keep it up, I know you will!!! :-)

    Mark I am ALWAYS happy for an excuse for a large big mac meal, so if your craving returns by Saturday give me a shout.....Alternatively I am open to BK, KFC, Subway......

    Enjoy the footy later guys!

    Lots of love

    Jayne xxxxxx

  3. Hi Mark,

    I met you a few times when I was starting at the Champ and you were still in the accounts department. We read this blog every day and cant tell you how great it is to read so many positives. We know you will astound us as you seem to have astounded so many in your life with a good recovery. And anyone who loves Big Macs is a God, let us face it!

    All the best to you, and your fab family. Get better soon!


  4. Hey, how ya doing? Being fed proper food now I see!! You Cannot beat Maccie D's!! Chicken sandwich though I'm afraid!

    You really are doing amazing Mark.... mind, body & soul, you are such an inspiration to all!

    So so sorry I haven't been able to get up to see you! Hurry up and get to Southport, then we'll not be away, ha ha.....then you'll be sick of us all!!

    Just love the daily up dates on here it's fab!!

    Take care
    see you very soon

    Jilly, Archie & Louie xxx

  5. Hey! Amazing news, hope the tilting table goes well today!

    I agree with Jayne, any excuse for a maccy d's is great!! Next time I visit (hopefully in hours when I'm allowed to be there haha) just give me a wink and I'll get some nuggets... Fries... Big mac... Strawberry milkshakes...!!

    It was lovely to see you the other day, you are doing so so well! I know you'll keep working hard with the physio and I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded!

    It was lovely to meet your mum and dad too, how much do you look like your dad?!

    Jenna, can't wait to see you soon too - although after my hol so you may need a spray tan to stand next to me... ;)

    Lots of love, nin xxx

  6. Hi Jenna and Mark!!

    Great news, this all sounds really positive which is good to hear!!

    Gutted I havent been able to visit, but when you get to Southport I'll definately come and bring some hugs, kisses and treats!!

    Looking forward to seeing you both soon!!

    Keep up the positivity and smiles guys, very very proud of you both, you're awesome!!

    Loadsa love and positive thoughts being sent your way


  7. Hello Swifty & Hughesy,

    Your both in my thoughts always, love reading the updates on here.

    Everyone I work with or know is always asking about you and is sending their love your way.

    Your an inpiration Mark and I know your positive attitude will see you through to the other side.

    Remember if you need anything and I mean anything then please give me or Al a shout.

    Love you lots, see you at the weekend (if theres a space!!)

    Love Rach, Alan, Chan, Jay and Baby Alfie

  8. Hi Mark and Jenna,

    Sophie here messaging form Australia. Although I've never met you Mark I've heard all about you from Jayne & Jenna. I just wanted to send some get well wishes and sunshine from Oz. It seems to me, from reading all your updates, that you are doing incredible!! You seem to be making great progress with your physio and inspiring everyone around you. Keep going with it all and keep smiling.

    Thinking of you all,

    Lots of love from Sophie xxx