Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Your Votes Count

Beard Or No Beard?

Your votes count.

Yes or No.

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  1. Beard without a doubt. It's dense, dark and downright sexy. It should only be shaved off once Fitzy has married.


    1. Haha! Nick, I thought you were describing the average Kaplan tutor before you got to 'sexy'! Hope you are all ok, Beth x

    2. I'm not sure there is room in Kaplan for a reject from ZZ top tho Nick......

  2. I am voting no sorry Mark! Unbelievably (considering the hairy beast I live with) I am not a fan of facial hair. Keeps the vote interesting anyway.... Beth x

  3. Beard Brother, don't drop out now. Grizzly Woods is still going strong. Keep bristling away!

  4. David Ardill6/13/2012 2:24 pm

    Always have a beard if you can, that is my motto. In the later phases of growth it doubles not only as warmth and a 'facial stroking blanket' but also acts as a mini lunchbox for scraps and crumbs, which has surprised and delighted me on many occasions when stranded midway between lunch and mid-afternoon snack. It's looking lustrous already, so keep fighting the good hairy fight, you won't regret it. Jenna will soon learn to love it as well, specially when she, too, is feeling hungry between meals.


  5. Beard!

    The Fods

  6. Having sported said full set on many occasions in the past I can say a wholehearted yes to the face fungus.... although some would say 'never cultivate on your face what grows wild in other areas'.

    Chris (K)

  7. Nooo!! I'll bring you a razor next weekend!!

    Andrea xx

  8. Think your in luck Mark- The grizzly look is definately in season for 2012. My mum (auntie jean) thinks if suits you ;) -

    See you at the weekend
    Tom xx ;)

  9. We vote for the Beard or a gringo tash
    Greg & Charlotte Xx

  10. Sorry Mark I agree with Andrea!!! It's got to go!!

    Son :-) xxx

  11. I think you should just keep the 'tache' but think you need more volume - a la White Goodman (Dodgeball)

  12. Paul Seiffert6/14/2012 10:57 am

    Hi Swifty! If there was ever a blog post to come in on it was this one. You know my feelings on beards. Let it grow, it's what it wants. And you look hot.

    Glad to hear that you're in good spirits and doing well mate. Stay smiling (as if you wouldn't) and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Me and Daws will come check that sexy beard out!

    Thinking of you dude.

    Much love.


  13. Hey mate, whatever you're comfortable with dude is what i vote for, too much hassle shaving it? then leave it. Feels a bit itchy and annoying? go head then mate get it off :)

    Carl B

  14. Hey Carl.... get off the fence

    1. lol ok if it was my choice i'd say shave with a set of clippers number 0 so you still have a stubbly manly look, cos mark looks about 12 clean shaven :)

      Carl B

  15. Jennifer Jones6/14/2012 1:57 pm

    I vote to keep! I like it, it is very Bear Grylls ha.

    Great update from Jenna today, fingers crossed for transfer news over the next few days.

    Thinking of you both lots and thank you again for keeping the blog so up to date, I am checking at least daily! Loads of love Jen Jones xxx

  16. Hi Mark,

    I remember someone once telling me that you should only shave for a job interview when I was applying to GT, so taking that on board, I reckon you grow it man, your words not mine!

    I'm glad to hear you're in approaching this in true Swifty fashion, and I hope to see you soon mate.

    With Love

    Tom Jones

  17. yo. kev is insisting that we share this pearl of wizdom with you all..."is he really growing a beard? or is he just acting the goat." please all smile and nod now.
    Jen and Chris say: "yes! keep it! you could be in the next harry potter film playing Dumbledore if you carry on!, also, shaving is one less thing to worry about...anything for an easy life!"
    keep smiling and showing off those pearlies,
    lots of love from Chris Kevin and Jen, chloe too woof woof xxx

  18. hello mate

    Glad to see you are doing so well and are on the road to getting better, keep going big man!

    Love the beard, im growing one myself so when you're out of Middlesborough, we can compare efforts and congratulate each other on how good looking we are.

    Sending you positive vibes from the Hurst clan.

    Big manly hugs x

  19. Keep it! Once you get past the itchy stage, you can store food in it for later! Also, if it gets left for long enough, you look a lot younger once it all goes!

    Stay strong! I'll speak to rotaman about when is best to come up - may have to be a weekend as I have no leave left till Sept!

    See you soon


  20. Hi mark!

    Being a bearded man myself I am definitely voting for keeping it! Although if we're honest I think Jenna's vote will be the deciding factor...

    I hope you've got your England shirt on again today and are looking forward to the game! Keep smiling and keep strong!

    Phil x

  21. I say... Give the clippers to Jenna to be in charge of (I already told her to draw shapes in your beard for entertainment value :-) )