Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From The Man Himself - Mark II

This update comes from Mark himself... this time it was not dictated.  He actually keyed it in himself... what a star!

me again! thanks again for all the messages, cards and visits, very much appreciated! 

...had a pretty chocca weekend of visitors which was great, though i was pretty tired yesterday and ended up having a snooze towards the end of the England match, it was pretty dull mind! good result and all that but going to make for some boring games! 

....in other news general feedback on the 3 week beard has been positive, not sure jenna is convinced but allowing her to tame my monobrow with the tweezers placated her somewhat, also worrying comparisons to my dads beard of yesteryear may convince me to shave!

....other than that have been spending lots of time in bed watching football,  sounds good i know but today other activities included having the staples removed from my surgical scar, getting on the tilt table ( which is getting me ready for getting out of bed and in to a chair, which Will be great) i managed 40 degrees which is a big improvement on my first attempt when i got to 10, 

on the flipside gravity took its toll and my trousers need a wash, revisiting my formative years! a little too much information maybe?!! 

right my hands tired, thanks again, love Mark


  1. I'd keep the beard mark...I don't think it's so bad! Jenna and her tweezers is funny!
    Stay bright (not like the window company)!
    Lots of love Jo xxx

  2. Hi Mark!!

    Wow how impressive are you....typing already!!! Fantastic stuff :-)
    Glad to hear your doing amazingly well on the tilting table.....you'll be sat in that chair watching tv & having a cuppa before you know it!
    Keep up the good work and the great spirit (which I know you will, your such an inspiration).
    Love to everyone there,
    Hope see you soon (maybe even this weekend :-))
    Lots of Love
    Son :-) xxx

  3. That was way too much information, but it proves you wrote it for sure! Looking forward to seeing you matey, Beth x

  4. Ha, don't let her get too tweezer happy or you'll be sporting a scouse brow before you know it!! I'll bring my eyebrow pencil at the weekend just incase ;)
    Love all your amazing progress and agree with Jo, the beards a good look!
    Love and prayers
    Anna xxx

  5. Ha haha Mark you should get Jenna to start tweezing your beard! (jokes)
    Amazing progress by the way woo hoo! xx
    love isabelle

  6. Hi Mark

    Great to hear from you, and I must say I think the beard is actually ok!

    Hope it wasn’t too painful getting the staples removed; I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about it!

    It’s really good to hear you will hopefully be in a chair so soon, I’m guessing that will happen in the next few of days if you keep progressing as you are doing - you may then be able to escape the tweezers!

    Take care, keep positive and don’t forget we are all very proud of you and Jenna.

    Hope to see you at the weekend (if the schedule allows) so just let me know if you want a big mac or fries, etc…!

    Lots of love
    Suzanne xx

  7. Hi Mark glad to see you are maintaining a positive spirit good effort on the table not far to go now and you've done really well. As a small token gesture we took Al out for a few beers last week purely to get him bollocked for staying in bed all day the following - a plan which seemingly worked. With regards the movements doth South don't worry - I do that without the requirement for a badass stunt. Just thought I'd leave a quick comment seeing as though you have made the effort to type yourself!

    All our love and best wishes

    Danny, Shelley and Henry xxx

  8. Oh and the beard shouts shoe bomber - I like it


  9. I vote keep the beard.... :-) Didn't know Jenna was a part-time beautician, she has done a fantastic job on the mono...Looking good Swifty!

    You are doing great! 50 degrees today! And I agree with the introductory paragraph, you are a star!

    Lots of love Jayne xxx

  10. Hi Mark great news to hear you are doing so well keep this up and you will be out your bed in no time!!!.

    Nice to hear you are still taking part in JD award and nominating myself usually i would spit my dummy out and refuse to accept it but I suppose its 110% well deserved by me after the comment i made lol.

    All our love and best wishes!!!

    Love Natalie xxx

  11. Hi Mark, I've only just seen about the accident so have just had a little read of your blogs. What fantastic progress you are making, well done! Looking forward to reading more & wishing you a very Swift (bum bum!) recovery. Take care mate, Bev McDermott (ex GT) xxxx

  12. Mark, great blog mate and yet more moves in the right direction with the typing, tilting table and the possibility of getting into a chair sooner rather than later ( me thinks security will have to be on full alert when this happens as i can see you heading down the A19 as soon you get the chance !! ) Seriously great progress fella
    As for the beard and tache, defo keep it. When I was young my tache wasnt dark enough so I put some boot polish on to bring it out, went down the boozer, took a swig of beer and without thinking wiped away the froth from my tache. Needless to say my mates didn't say anything so spent the whole night with a black nike style smudge ( should have patented it ) all over me face !!
    Speak to you soon and with you all the way

  13. Megan Fitzpatrick6/13/2012 12:47 pm

    Hi mark just a message from all the fitzpatrick family to say we are thinking about you !!! Sending you all our love and support...lots of love XX

  14. Janet Baldwin (GT)6/13/2012 2:24 pm

    Hi Mark - sorry it's taken a while for me to leave my first message but I find these blog things a bit scary at my age - a big thanks to Betty for setting this up. Well done for all your progress so far, as everyone will agree we couldn't expect anything less from you. With regard to the beard I would have to vote to keep it, but only if you can keep the smoulding eye look with it. A young George Clooney if ever I saw one! Keep up the good work, I'll be reading about you every day and it's your positive vibe that makes this blog so fantastic! Take care - XXX.

  15. rachael mcquillan6/13/2012 3:49 pm

    Well done mark! Just a little message to say were thinking an saying r prayers for you all our love rachael gary an LJ x x

  16. Hello Mate. Made up to hear your makin great progress. As for the beard I could grow that in my sleep. And don't get me started on monobrows... I drew the line when Heather started to tweeze out my nose hairs! Sending you our best wishes & will see u soon. Gaz, Heather & bump. X

  17. haha great update mate!
    Carl B

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