Saturday, 9 June 2012

Get That Man A Big Mac

Mike, that's my much better half and I were able to make the journey to Middlesbrough today to see Mark. So I can give you the low down first hand.

John was waiting for us at the front door of the hospital. I didn't know quite what to expect. I thought seeing Mark might upset me but I was wrong..... seeing him inspired me.

Even before we had chance to say hello Mark’s big beaming smile greeted us. A warm and genuine welcome that spoke volumes about the quality of the man.  Instead of us helping to lift Mark’s spirits it was he who lifted ours.

Clearly he is doing well. He may not be totally pain free but he is certainly not making any complaints. He was in the first bed on the left and although he was laying almost flat he was able to move his head, shoulders, arms, hands and some fingers.  He was just as chatty as ever and there is nowt wrong with his sense of humour.

He is hoping to be transferred to the Spinal Unit in Southport soon,  not I might add for his own benefit, but to save everyone else from making the long journey. It was a good visit and if what I saw today is anything to go by Mark Swift is a force to be reckoned with.

On a very positive note, it’s not often that I get the chance to hug a good-looking, half naked, younger man laying stretched out in bed.... so naturally I seized the opportunity and then I planted a big kiss on his cheek too!    I’ll be back for more!

Meanwhile: Mark and Jenna have asked me to post a special thank you to the Air Ambulance Service and all the Doctors, nurses and staff at James Cook Hospital for everything they have done for him.

P.S. Will someone PLEASE.... Get That Man A Big Mac!
The hospital food is good but today Mark said he really fancied a Big Mac ......erm, on second thoughts, don't!!! Not until we've appointed a BigMacMan to control the deliveries. I can just image the local MacDonalds selling out and the ward filling up.  Then we can get BigMacMan to work alongside Rotaman.

Finally thanks for visiting and thanks for leaving your messages too.
I can't tell you how much they mean and how much they are helping. 

Betty the Blog


  1. I read his dictated message...his attitude is awesome...

    don't sell the bike yet bud....hopefully you'll need it sooner than you think


    tpbiker from Singletrack Magazine.

  2. Hi Mark, Jenna and the Swift Clan. I have Marks Blog as one of my favourites on my computer and look forward to reading your update/progress throughout the day, everyday ( hope my IT guy and managing director don't find out though as I should be working !! ). Betty's and Mike's visit is no exception when it comes to uplifting news and describing the strength, determination and character not only of Mark, but also his brilliant back up team ( mentioned above ). Mark, can't help you with the McDonalds situation but I can see all your friends coming up with different wheezes to get them past the " Matron " but really looking forward to seeing you when you get transferred to Southport.