Monday, 4 June 2012

Sandwich Anyone?

John's morning update.

Not much to report today -  Mark did have a slight temperature but thankfully he had a restful night again.  John tells me they moved him again - only slightly, he's still on the same ward but they needed space to prepare for the Queen's Jubilee party tomorrow.   I ask you... who's more important around here?

John and Jenna said that most frustrating thing now is not being able to sneak in for a quick visit. Visiting times are tightly controlled. Everyone would love to be with Mark all the time but we know we're only getting in the way.  The nurses have a job to do and in the long run we know it's best for Mark.

Nevertheless, Jenna tried it on this morning but she got her marching orders. And Jenna's excuse......  "I'm just popping in to deliver a sandwich." Guess what? That didn't work any better than John trying to deliver the paper!

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  1. Well mark I had a great visit last night and today xxx you are awesome and I loved seeing you laugh x keep smiling and remember HeMark that by the power of swift you will succeed. As long as Shejenna is in tow. Xxx love you much x Lyns