Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Medical Update

John has been on with some more news.

This morning Mark is going for an Xray, he’s not exactly sure on what or why but it’s certainly a welcome activity.  Also, Mark is going to get dressed in his own clothes and they are going to put him onto a tilt bed.  It’s going to be a busy day.

Considering it’s only about a week since his surgery (his neck must still be healing) he is amazing. John said "Everyone who sees him is just blown away by him. He’s reading the newspapers, using the ipad, throwing and catching his balls and....... getting the odd snuggle with Jenna." 

Finally, our John is a bit of a snitch, he tells me they were all on the quiz team but they thought they should let the staff win! 

Oh yea right!


  1. Hi Mark
    So good to hear all the good news about your recovery and I am sure Jenna is enjoying her little snuggles!

    Cant even begin to describe how proud I am of how you have both dealt with this situation with such love and care for each other and with such a positive attitude.

    We all think about you both everyday and send our thoughts and prayers to have you both home soon.

    Hope the X-ray goes well today... keep us posted...

    Lots of love Charlotte xxx

  2. Jennifer Jones6/06/2012 2:13 pm

    What a great update!! Really positive news. So proud of Jenna and Mark.

    Glad to hear you had a party to celebrate the Jubilee. Hope you bth got to watch the concert too.

    Keep up the brilliant work up there everyone! Thinking of you all and fingers crossed for another positive day today.

    Lots of love Jen Jones

  3. Blimey Mark......X-ray, getting dressed and tilt bed......they're not letting you rest for a minute!!!..... great stuff though eh! :-) Well done on the quiz too......did you have to 'phone a friend'??? Love to everyone, keep up the good spirits & hard work

    See you soon
    Love Son :-) xxx

    ps - don't forget to say cheese!!! lol.

  4. Hi there all of you! I worked with your Dad at the Globe Mark. Betty e-mailed to let me know what was happening and directed me to your Blog. It sounds like you are working hard to keep on top of this and that you have got great people around you giving Love and Support. Will keep a regular eye on how you're doing fella and will keep you in our positive thoughts:)) Lots of Love to everyone - Collette & Family XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Terri McBride6/06/2012 8:31 pm

    Hi there Mark! I worked with your Dad, Betty and all the gang years ago and consider myself lucky to still be able to count them amongst my wonderful friends .. many thanks to Betty who gave me the link to your blog ... I've come to see how you're doing ... and wow! I'm thrilled things are looking a lot more positive! I'm sure you will continue to grow strong, particularly with all the amazing medical experts and love and support from all your family and friends you are receiving. I've subscribed to the feed and will pop back regularly ... lots of love to you and all the family. Terri xxxxx

  6. Hi Mark, really happy to hear you're doing so well. Keep up the positive attitude! Lots of love to you all Jo(Ho) xxx

  7. Hi Mark,

    You have made fantastic progress so far, you are doing so well.So proud of Jenna and Mark.

    Keep up the positive attitude both of you. Thinking about you everyday and keep saying my prayers.

    Lots of love,

    Sarah Ed

  8. Hi Mark & Jenna,

    Since your Dad told us about your accident you have been on our minds every single day. Clearly the love you are receiving from so many people, and your positive attitude towards your recovery show that you truly are a ReMARKable Swift, and a remarkable guy.

    Keep up the good work and you'll be home soon. If I bump into you round at your Mum & Dads then the drinks are on me (well, I say that, what I mean is I'll put the kettle on).

    All our love

    David, Angie, Adam & Joshua