Thursday, 7 June 2012

Who's A Little Tonic

Hi Everyone.

Here’s your morning update.

Mark’s Xray yesterday was to see how his neck was healing after his surgery.  They were just checking that everything was as it should be, and......IT IS!

He does have several titanium pins and plates which will only add to his already magnetic personality.

He’s now wearing his own clothes, smart casual I bet.  The tilt bed worked out fine and they adjusted to 10 degrees yesterday. That’s a great start because after laying on your back for two weeks you have to take it steady. It won’t be long before he’s using it as a see-saw.

Mark had another restful night although he had an increase in temperature. The nurses pampered him with nice, coo,l damp towels and brought it down to normal again.

Alan and Rachael visited yesterday and they brought little Alfie with them. He was a tonic for everyone especially his Nan and Grandad.


  1. Great news on the X-ray, and the progress overall. You'll be setting off alarms at airport security before you know it!
    It must feel good wearing something familiar too... despite how attractive hospital garb is. And some people will do anything for attention from nurses. Good job Jenna is around to keep you in check.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week if Rotaman lets me in. Always in our thoughts. We are all so proud of you!

    Beth xx

  2. Hi Mark glad you are doing well keep it up matey we are all thinking of you here.Cockney Kaz the Champion

  3. Good news on the xray, in my thoughts constantly mark mate, will keep checking updates on here, proud of you pal see you soon!

    Carl B