Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Playing Catch

According to Jenna, all going well today - apart from the limited access to the patient that is. The nurses make sure Mark is "protected" and that he gets plenty of quality rest.

They are doing a great job and everyone admires them but they don't care who they kick out the ward - even the Champion paper boy!

Actually, I'm wondering if Mark might be a bit pleased about it on the quite...... I bet there have been times he wished he could have chased the paperboy too!!

Apparently some of his visitors (no names no pack drill) have taken to playing the good old fashioned game of catch! As you might expect Mark is showing what he's made of,  he couldn't quite manage it on Sunday and by yesterday he was catching like a pro! Way to go Mark!

The ward Jubilee party starts at 3 today - jelly and cakes anyone?


  1. Love the blog, brilliant way to keep us all updated on Mark's progress. I know all your friends at GT are rooting for you. Enjoy the jubilee party! Love Laura (Shiels) xxx

  2. That's great Mark......so long as you weren't all playing catch with my cakes!
    Suzanne xxxx

  3. I don't think the nurses will be too happy if you keep throwing your balls across the room like yesterday! I'm sure they'll get used to it though!

    Great to see to see the small improvements!

    Bebbo x

  4. Haha, no surprise to hear Swifty is catching and throwing balls already! The Kaplan office is often reminiscent of a game of Dodgeball/Cricket! HOWIZHE?!?!?! Drape

  5. Ha!

    Was just about to comment that exact same thing Drape - anyone who has been on the receiving end of a Kaplan Orange will know!

    Will bring some in for you to chuck at Fitzy over the weekend!