Monday, 4 June 2012

Planning A Visit? You Need Rotaman!

Meet Rotaman!

Allow me to introduce you to Steve Parr. I’ve never met him myself but I know Mark and Steve are very good friends.

There are so many of Mark's mates that want to visit him that the joke John made the other day about issuing Crowd Control Tickets is almost a reality!

The number of friends Mark has made and kept over the years is remarkable (pardon the pun) and proves what a very special person he is. And, even though seeing his mates is really important and of great help it can be overwhelming - hence we have Steve (now also known as Rotaman). He's going to do his best to help co-ordinate visits. I think he's going to be kept pretty busy!!

They are trying to keep it to no more than eight people a day and want to give everyone a time and date that fits in with their lives, work and travel plans.  So, before you make that long journey please contact Steve on 07788 587163


1 comment:

  1. Parr's always wanted an important job title!!! He'll start cracking under the pressure soon with the amount of visitors Swify has had : )