Friday, 8 June 2012

From The Man Himself

And now...what you've all been waiting for:- 

A Message From The Man Himself
(dictated to Jenna) 

Where to start! ....

Firstly, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you for all the kind words, messages, visits, cards, emails etc etc it really does mean a great deal and gives the old spirits a massive boost. Any prayers and positive thoughts / voodoo medicine are greatly appreciated too, I'll take anything really!!!

So, as for where I'm up to, the operation was a success (as far as I'm aware not actually met the surgeon! ) and I've moved from intensive case to high dependency and then to the ward, all steps in the right direction (well kind of steps anyway ;-) )

Started some light physio in the past few days and itching to do more... but mostly it's a big case of fingers crossed, touching wood and waiting really, trying to remain as positive as possible!.... Also hoping to get transferred to Southport asap to save everyone the 5 hour round trip to Middlesbrough!

Jenna and my parents have been amazing so an extra special thanks to them. and also a big thank you to Betty for setting up the blog, who has done a great job.

Trying to see the silver lining.... the Euros have started, I'm getting to lie in bed plenty, getting waited on hand and foot and the hospital food ain't too bad surprisingly!

Oh and if anyone is interested in buying a mountain bike give me a shout!!

Again thank you all so much, keep praying.

love Mark. x


  1. Hi Mark,

    You won't remember me, I worked with your dad and Betty what seems a lifetime ago, especially when I see you're 31 and not the nipper I remember!

    Reading your blog I can see you are definitely a chip off the old block...... I always thought your mum was amazing ;0)

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you but if you keep doing what you're doing, I won't need to. Pretty amazing member of the Swifty clan.

    My love to your mum and dad too. Hate to tell you mate but you're the image of him ;/

    Love Ruth xxxxxx

    1. Hi Ruth, bbc Cumbria actually got it wrong Mark is only 30, got to say he wasn't too happy about the extra year added on.

      Jenna x

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  2. Every cloud and all that, I like your thinking..! Couple of good games to start with, well one anyway! Looking forward to watching the England game with you and the other softlad on Monday..!

    Not into voodoo, far too posh and expensive for my liking, but loads of positive thoughts and prayers winging their way to you. If anyone can defy the odds you can! We will be there for you, no matter what, and any help we can be will be an absolute pleasure

    See you soon, much love

    Alan, Rach, Chan, Jay and Alfie xxx

  3. Dearest Mark,

    Now don’t get all embarrassed ..... but my cheesy name for your blog really does sum you up. You are ReMARKable! You are also amazing, wonderful, courageous and gorgeous. (You can pay me later)

    Seriously Mark, this dreadful accident has proved that you cannot keep a good man down. I am certain you have something special to do in this life. So let time and love be on your side... you have plenty of both.

    Betty the Blog x x x

  4. Its marvellous to hear from the man himself! And you are the man! See you in Southport soon Mark

    Phil, Emma & JoJo

  5. Hi Mark,

    This is Cathy Robo a very old old friend of your dads, you came and stayed with us in Oz when you were on your travels, I remember thinking how brave you were then with the things you had done and you still are.
    It's great to see you are getting stronger everyday, you have a great family with lots of love which will help you through.
    Good on Betty the blog for starting this blog for you, give yourself and your mum and dad a hug from me xxxxx

  6. Brilliant to see that you've managed to write on your blog. I was speechless when I heard about your mis-adventures (and you will know that doesn't happen often!). Dave jones had only said to me a few days earlier that he had been playing cricket with you and you had asked how I was. Really glad to hear that things are improving and that you still have your positive outlook and sence of humour. Keep smiling and blogging! Best wishes Clare Moyes

    1. Great to hear from the Main Man achieving yet again.
      Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.
      We all know you are going to stick to the job in hand and you are going to get there in the end. You've got the right attitude and the right support network to achieve any goal. Be a postage stamp Mark!

      Love from Auntie Sue's gang.

  7. Hi Mark met you only briefly but have been kept up to date on things by John, so glad to feel so much positivity coming through your blog and I'm sure with the love and support of those around you particularly Jenna, your Mum and Dad and indeed all your family you will continue to improve day by day. Best wishes keep throwing your balls around Jim and Anne Miney.

  8. Hello there Mark!!

    I have been checking your blog to see how you are getting on and its fab to see an update from yourself, ive been thinking of you and Jenna and all of my thoughts are positive :-)

    You are doing fantastically and every day there is brilliant news on how you are doing....... at the end of the day there is only one way now and that is forward, things can only get better! Plus you have one of the strongest people i know on your side, Jenna ;-)You two make a fantastic team to get through all of this, I have no doubt about it.

    Sorry i cant come and visit with the girls I am snowed under with exams, but I will be sure to catch up with them for any news.

    Lots of love,

    Isabelle xx - now i am going to try and post this, but not really sure how it works!

  9. Great to see a message from you Swifty and that you are keeping your spirits up. We really are sending you positive thoughts everyday...prayers aren't really our style but were well into the voodoo magic ;-)

    We're trying to organise a visit for next weekend, hope to see you then.

    Shell, Matt and Harrison xxx

  10. Yes Swifty!

    Great to hear from you mate! All of sunny widnes has you and jenna in their thoughts!

    Know that fitz, del and stuey are on their way to see you today. Unfortunately, i've been roped into a P7 QBR in manc. They have markers here so all it entails is sitting on my arse reading internet and my kindle - like any other day in Kaplan then! I've got a couple of days off from wed so gonna try to contact Parr-y (Parrie? - not sure how the colloqial version of Stes name should be spelt -parry doesnt look right) to arrange a visit for next week

    To give you some fuel for banter for later this afternoon, Fitzy hasnt been on another date with Rachel yet - he told me he was speaking to you about his second date the other day. no further progress to report. E Harmony day could very well be on the cards!! I think his quote was "I hope she isnt another psycho". He's going to kill me for putting this on here - all for the greater good fitz!

    We're all missing your banter and daily missing men challenges in the office. Cant wait to get you back mate!

    Sorry Beth has decided to visit during the match - very inconsiderate if you ask me! I am hearing she is getting shipped out for a drink with jenna which is definitely a wise idea. If we're getting beat the last thing you will want to hear is Beths pearls of footballing wisdom!!

    Anyway mate - missing you dude and i'll see you next week hopefully!

    oh yeah - I know Nicko is coming tomo - he got a feedback form yesterday saying "Nick wastes time using a calculator to perform simple calculations that could be easily done in his head". Ha - he wasnt happy


    1. Well I actually think my commentating skills are rather special, and provide an interesting perspective on the hundreds of dreadfully dull matches I have been encouraged/forced to watch during my Widnes tenure.

      However, I am more than happy to catch-up with Jenna over a drink while you boys get excited over men in shorts.

      Brilliant to hear directly from you Mr. Swift - even if it has drawn attention to the fact you were kept behind a year in school ;-).

      Keep smiling, and we'll keep praying.

      Beth xxx

    2. Woah woah woah! Hold the phone there Sharratt, the feedback also said that I was a very effective tutor (still fuming). And to think I tried to take him out for some Sushi, would have been a nightmare when the bill came with me having to resort to my phone calculator to split a simple total and work out a 10% tip.

      Cracking to hear from you squire, currently getting my bake on so I have some treats for the Sunday visit (I'm presuming Jenna has allowed a postponement of the diet for the time being!). Really looking forward to seeing you, the cool office is missing it's most handsome member and Kaplan isn't the same without you.

      All the students are continually asking after you and it's been great to give them some positive news. Cler and I are always thinking of you, you are doing so well mate.

      See you sunday!

      Drape xx

    3. haha brilliant Mark, if ever there was a time to be in hospital it's during the euros hey mate! thinking of you every day dude, will visit when Big Al gives us the all clear, understand you need your rest dude x x see you soon!

      Carl B

  11. Swift dog,

    Two terrible jokes:

    1) A musical theme: My rabbit died the other day. Now he's just some bunny that I used to know!!

    2)I stayed up all night to see where the sun went.....then it dawned on me

    Bebbo x

  12. Hey Mark,

    After seeing Mr Parr in the pub not long after the accident had happened, I have been keeping my fingers crossed for some news on how you are you doing. Big thanks to all your friends and family for keeping random people like myself updated on your progress.

    Will be thinking of you and look forward to reading the blog posts on how well you are doing.


    Claire (Pitt)

  13. Hey Swifty, made up to see the post from you especially with the Swifty sense of humour included. Was gutted to hear of your accident (as all at GT are) and have thought about you and your family lots. Have been checking this blog out daily and tried but failed numerous times to post but think this one might make it, it's a great idea, hat's off to those who set it up. You're a great bloke Swifty (as this blog proves), may the progress continue. Sending positive thoughts, lots of love and good wishes to you and your family.
    Julie & Becca (McKay)xxx

  14. Hey Mark,

    Hopefully you will remember me from a good while back now, it's Rachel Jennings. I heard your news from Helen and I just wanted you to know that I have been sending lots of prayers your way as I know Helen has.

    Those teenage years seem a long time ago I know but I haven't forgotten for a second how much of a fab guy you are. You always had a smile on your face and reading this blog it seems that not much has changed even through such a testing time.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you lots and I will continue to send as many positive thoughts as possible your way. The Air Ambulance has actually already saved the life of a work colleague of mine and a group of us are doing the Ridegway money to raise money for the charity. You are now my extra incentive! I know I can speak for Helen if she hasn't sent you a message already that you are in her thoughts and prayers also.

    Wishing you lots of love and luck in your recovery.

    Big hugs,

    Rach x

  15. Hi Mark

    You are a top top bloke. Me and the family are thinking of you.

    Rob, Margo, Emily, Adam & Harry (Green)


  16. Hey Swifty,

    Been checking this blog a lot since I found out about it, glad to see you being positive mate and it looks like you’ve been well looked after by your loved ones.

    Mate just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and the way from Dubai and will keep checking this page for your progress.

    Take care


  17. Mark,

    All our thoughts and prayers are with you mate - its great to hear your op' went successfully!

    No doubt the hospitals are squabbling over the transfer fee mate!!

    All the best

    Mike Huston

  18. Hi Mark
    Good to hear you are doing so well. Sounds like friends and family are keeping you very busy.
    Just read through your bloggs really good to hear that you are getting closer to getting out of bed, your dad has been keeping us updated with your progress.
    Look forward to seeing you at some point, the kids said they can't wait to see you at the gate.
    See you soon all at no 8