Thursday, 12 July 2012

Going.... Going.....Gone!

So as you may have read the beard is sadly no more, combination of prickly kisses and general hobo appearance put pay to it..... sadly.

A Vagrant!
I think the final straw may have been the questionnaire I was asked to fill out by one of the psychologists. Basically it could have been summarised into are you alcoholic? I don't think this is given to all patients, just the ones who look like vagrants!

An Alcholic!
But seriously, a sample of some of the questions from it:- How many times in the last year have you injured people through drinking? And, my personal favourite, how many times in the last year have you needed a drink in the morning just to get through the day? Thankfully no to both!  However, when Paul visited on Sunday, having been out to wet his new nephews head the night before, he had actually managed to fall back into the bathroom door and injure himself! I'll have to ask him about the morning drinking next time I see him!

Red Derrière!
I’ve also had my first foray off hospital grounds - we visited the Toby Carvery over the road to kind of celebrate Paul's birthday, it was a very impressive Yorkshire pudding indeed! and a nice change of scenery having spent all weekend in bed, due to wee bit of redness on the derrière. The staff are very cautious in case of pressure sores, so a change of cushion on my chair and a bit of bed rest as well as having my backside viewed by a bus load of people seems to have done the trick!

Superior Bracket!
Oh and just to quickly jump back to the psychologist and pat myself on the back, she also did some tests to make sure my head still worked having landed on it in my accident and I got the highest score they've ever had, in the 'superior' bracket if I do say so myself! So if anything the knock on the head improved things!

Plague Update!
They think the infection is all clear, but have managed to mislay my latest water sample, that'll be a nice thing for someone to stumble upon! a result I've lost my private room : ( but I'm now on a much better ward with some younger people who actually talk! Although I can barely understand one bloke as he's that Geordie, I just nod and smile in the right places!

The all clear also means I can mix with the general populous and get more physio, rather than waiting for the leper session at 3! So I've been doing plenty of weights to try and build up the upper body, it turns out years of basically playing footy to keep fit is not ideal when your bottom half stops working, as you've got some really heavy legs to move around with some rather feeble arms!

Finally, fingers crossed on the Southport front still! Hopefully it'll be in the next couple of weeks but who knows! ...just got to make sure I stay infection free!!

Apologies for the essay! Love Mark x

.....oh quick appendix... A massive thanks to Jenna's wonderful friends for organising what promises to be a great event, all very much appreciated xxx


  1. Ha the excitement in my eyes!! Isn't it better seeing his handsome face? :) xxx Jenna xx

    1. Hi, and what a nice face it is too.
      Keep up the good work, and good luck for a place at Southport.
      Love Denise and Graham (Rose and Peter's friends) xx

  2. Betty The Blog7/12/2012 10:36 am

    Well done Jenna, I bet you enjoyed doing that.

    And, well done Mark, no, not on the clean face look - I don't think you had much choice in that, but well done on the blog update, it's nearly a novel.

    Bye the way, next time your derrière goes on show you should sell tickets - you'd make a fortune!

    Hugs Betty

  3. Gutted you didn't keep the tasche!!

    ....and watch what you say about us geordies - I'm surprised you can understand me with such a strong accent that I undoubtedly have (...ahem!).

    Take it easy!


  4. Hi mark, great to see you doing so well and that you should be able to move closer to home soon!! I'm hoping me and mark will be able to come and see you next week.


    P.S I much prefer the beardless look!!! X

  5. It's about bloody time!! Did they cut your hair too? Your starting to get a Fellaini!!

    Andrea x

  6. Told u the tach was the way forward! Glad to hear your no longer in t lepar physio session matey.hope to see u soon!

    Stu G

  7. Love the progression of photos Mark- you have option! Ha but although I championed the beard think Jenna winning is a good thing ;) well done hughsey!
    See you soon
    Much love Crombs xxx

  8. Love the pics and essay Mark - all good stuff!!!! was giggling away reading it :-) You look sooooooo much better now, although admittedly the beard did start to grow on me!!!! (you could have a got a part in 'Fawlty towers' in pic 3 hehehe).
    Keep up the fantastic spirit (non alcoholic I might add!) and hard work.
    See you soon
    Love Son xxx

  9. OK OK Jenna was right, beardless is better Mark. However it would have been VERY funny for you to have stayed as picture 3 for at least a little bit. I LOVE Toby Carvery...mainly due to the all you can eat aspect. Did the Yorkshires actually taste better up there??? I will keep everything crossed for Southport, but if you are there for much longer I will give them a try myself.
    Great news on kicking the infection, and I like essays, so keep them coming! See you soooooon love Jayne xxx

  10. Well it looks like Nicky Hambleton-Jones must have just left the building as you look 10 years younger now Mark!! :)

    Congratulations to Jenna on getting your own way... it was only a matter of time haha.

    Nice to know you're now infection free, even if it does mean you have to share a ward with other people! Fingers crossed for a bed in Southport becoming free for you soon...

    Keep up the good work on the Physio front - maybe you can show me some exercises - I too have feeble arms haha.

    Hopefully will get to see you soon!

    Lots of love, Nin xxx

  11. Only a sombrero is missing from pic 3 !! Thanks for the update mark, a lot going on and Im sure it breaks up the normal routine for the better. You and the Family must have been delighted to escape for a while with the Toby visit as I can only guess that hospital food has its moments every so often.
    Jenna must have a steady hand as the pics show no sign of the obligatory toilet paper stuck on the razor nicks.. well done girl, way to go ( I see a business opportunity !! ). No comment about Paul, having spent time away with him but wonder how he would get on with the psycho tests.
    Hope the weekend brings some positive news about Southport and look forward to your next post. Love to all of team swift and thinking of you guys every day

  12. John bennett7/13/2012 10:20 pm

    Although I wasn't a fan of the beard, the "dirty Sanchez" look in the first phot is rather fetching.

  13. This is such a nice blog mark! I'm reading all the way from florida...mickey says hi! Take care, Jo xxxx

  14. Looks like Jenna was right about the beard (we women usually are!), it's knocked a few years off you too!
    Great to hear about all the progress you've been making and good to know you've been out and about in the fresh smoggie air!
    Hopefully me and Matt will be up to see you soon, by the sounds of it you may need some Geordie lessons to get by on your new ward, although if the guy's a dodgy smoggie local it's a lost cause!!
    Keep up the good work, it makes fantastic reading on here!
    Lots of love, Nolan xxx

  15. Hi Mark we have finally worked out how to use this blog now we can keep up with your progress. We did not reconize you with all that hair. We are hoping you get to south port soon as we would like to come and see you.( What time does the old swan open for auntie joyces bargains ) we send are love to you and all the family. Keep up the good progress love from ALL AT THE FARM

  16. Hi Mark,

    Just to say Peter and I really enjoyed last night with you, Bren and our Jenna. Good job you were there to oversee the cooking otherwise tea would have been very very late. The progress we have seen in just a few weeks has been fantastic, we're very proud of you and we know there is still a lt more to come. Love you, Rose and Peter xxxx

  17. Mark you look ten years younger!

    Loving the blog update, haven’t visited it for a week or so and just love this entry and the photo storyboard! Also, what was the questionnaire all about? How very random!

    Great to hear you have friendly roommates, don’t worry about not being able to understand them, my friend's husband of 10 years is from Widnes and I still struggle to understand him, but I too have mastered the art of nodding in the right places and it works just fine! (sorry if I offended anyone from Widnes!!).

    Keep up the great progress,
    Lots of love
    Suzanne xx

  18. Hi mark! Must agree with everyone, the least amount of facial hair is best!!
    Sounds like you've made loads of progress since we were up! Hopefully we'll be able to see you again soon! But with the imminent arrival of reeves junior, it may prove difficult! No signs as yet, but still got just under 2 weeks left! Will keep you updated!
    Keep up with the updates, it's great hearing how you're getting on! Hopefully you're move to southport will happen soon!!
    Thinking of you as always!
    Love dys and reeves x x x