Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jenna Has Spoken!

Worryingly today Mark referred to his beard as being like a pet as he gets to stroke it and watch it grow. On top of this, a number of nurses have said he looks looks like a "caveman" and are threatening to shave it off in his sleep!!

So, apologies for going above and beyond democracy here but....

Jenna Has Spoken

and the beard is coming off! 

Yabba-Dabba Doo

I do worry he may cry, but he'll get over it!

Jenna xxxx


  1. Haha!! you go girl!! love reading all the little updates!! just seen the info about the fundraiser... we'll be there definately :D sending best wishes, thoughts, hugs and love over...

    Kat xxxxx

  2. This has made my day!
    Beth x

  3. Nice one Jenna!!!! Son :-) xxx

  4. So, were there any tears?? Can we have a photo to show Jenna's handiwork please??? I hope there was a before and after shot!

    Thinking of you every day up in the Boro. I get regular updates from Jenna and of course follow you on here, and it always makes my day to hear how great you are getting on.

    Really hope to see you VERY soon, lots of love Jayne xxx

  5. Yay!! well done........it's gone!!.....sorry Mark, think I do prefer the 'no beard' look! Surely it must have been itchy?? wey not anymore! ;)

    Hope you are keeping well, back out on the ward I hear! Think you were getting quite cosy in ya lil room! Well, a step in the right direction for Southport!

    Lovely to see you today uncle John! Auntie Bren, Louie kept asking where 'uncle Bren' was? He was calling Uncle John... 'Auntie John', ha ha, slight confusion there! Will be lovely when you are 'ALL' back home.

    Take care and big hugs to you all
    Loys of love as always
    Jill, Archie & Louie xxx