Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hot Wax!

Well I've been given the all clear on the infection front, but due to sod's law, Southport don't have any beds free this week! Unbelievable!!

The staff here are going to ring everyday to see if there's any change (I'm guessing they're sick of me!) I'm hoping I get to keep my private room, even though I'm no longer quarantined, it helps with the bending of the visiting hours, although we did get a bit of a telling off for this the other day : (

I've been doing a lot of physio recently, it knackers me out, but that's clearly a good thing. I've also been getting in touch with the feminine side and having some 'beauty treatments' with a nice hot wax session on the hands so they're nice and moisturised, it was surprisingly good!

In other news, one of my colleagues tried his best to re-break my neck the other day, despite a thorough tutorial on the mechanics of my wheelchair from Jenna, which must've gone in one ear and out the other, he grabbed the handles that let the back of the chair recline thinking they were the brakes, and I went from upright to reclined in the blink of an eye!  My heart came out of my chest, thankfully it was only mild whiplash and to be fair he looked worse than me after the incident ....I think Jenna was one step away from giving him a good whack! ....so John Sharratt take a bow!

Also I have to say a  huge congratulations and thank you to Paul and Erin Bakstad for the efforts in the Liverpool triathlon, which I'm told had a very diplomatic end with them crossing the line together!

....thanks guys x

.........and finally Spain are amazing!!


  1. The photo looks a little bit like you are wearing surgical gloves and about to request a scalpel... or maybe a razor to release your poor face from that wayward follicle growth!
    John is still mortified by the aforementioned incident, although I do think it possibly had something to do with him still trying to recover from the unexpected insult from Aunty Janice... What was it again? Oh yes, Coconut Head! Ha!
    Will see you soon matey, Beth xxx

  2. Hi mate, good to see that you are doing so well, keep it up bud and the hard work will pay off. Nick told me about the blog a few weeks ago and for some reason i couldnt leave a comment until i realised you just click on the comments tab...must have been a monday morning!! was lol'ing reading your blog and the photo of the sugar on the weetabix is indeed just plain wrong..that's the north east for you..haha. It wont be long before you have managed to perfect the art of the wheelchair wheelie im sure and as always i want to see the pics!! Stay positive bud and when your in Southport ill come up with Nick for a visit, There are a few lovely golf courses up there aswell but as yet the Drapester still cant seem to beat me much!! haha


  3. Yeah sorry about that mate. I spoke to JB and he also said he didnt really understand Jenna instructions. So I blame her. She should have repaid the favour for all the years of high quality accountancy tuition she received from us....hang on maybe she did, hence the problem.

    Those hand were very soft to touch as well. that was the best bit of my visit...


  4. You look like an advert for washing up liquid with your hands like that Mark. Sad about the Southport but I'm sure it won't be long before you're there. In the words of Groucho Marx 'Time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana'.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. To be fair to Sharratt when the above incident was mentioned in the office you could see the cold sweat forming immediately! Mortified he was. I managed to avoid Cler's very nasty tummy bug (to be fair I probably had it and didn't realise) so would probably have been fine to visit but better safe than sorry. I will be up asap or even sooner if Southport happens soon. Don't listen to Dunneys lies re the golf or Fitzy'a for that matter, I beat them all, every single time. I was actually watching a golf vid on youtube the other day and one of the comments was form Stephenparrgolf slating the guys video....that has to be "our" good friend surely??? Keep up the hard work chief and maybe treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure as a reward, they're divine! Drape x

  6. Hey Mark,
    You look really fab on your photo!! ....despite the earlier incident!! Oh Mark, I can just imagine your poor mates face!!(..and yours ofcourse!!) sheer panic from the both of you!!....maybe they should put the breaks in red, make them a bit more obvious!! I have been informed that you are a mini uncle John from a few years ago with that facial hair!(?like that unc John, just a few years ago!!)

    Lovely to hear you are doing so well and enjoy the beauty treatments, make the most of them!!

    Hopefully you'll be in Southport very very soon!
    Take care
    Jill, Archie & Louie xxx :)

  7. It was great to see you today Mark, positive and funny (did i say funny lol) as ever. Hoping you get that bed in Southport soon mate, so I can visit you again.

    Respect to Jenna, she is an absolute trooper! love and hugs to you both and to John and Bren xxx

    So the marathon is the next goal - whether i finish it is another matter? but I'll try my hardest mate, you can count on that!

    If there's anything you need just holla, and I'll pass it onto JK the Swift or deliver it myself.

    Keep smiling and positive they're your redeeming qualities.

    PS: regarding the haircut... don't think the pink highlights will suit you lol.

    lots of love
    Dave A

    1. Hi Mark and Jenna!!

      I have been keeping up to date with your progress off Jayne and reading this fabulous blog. Just reading the latest few posts it is clear what fantastic progress you are making each and every day. I was shocked to hear that you are in a chair already.....simply amazing!! Well done....keep up the good work!

      Sounds like you're very popular and are having people to visit and keep you company all the time.....I love hearing about you sneaking in and out when you're not supposed to Jenna, and hiding from the Nurses....hilarious. However, if you were on my ward I'd kick your butt missy! Haha.

      Keep going with what you're doing Mark, because whatever you are doing it's working bloody well!! Bad news re. the old urine infection...they're a bugger....but it's kind of a right of passage for those in the catheter club to get one, let's hope this was your one and only! Fingers crossed you get moved to Southport soon too.

      Thinking of you and your family, and of course you Jenna too (what a wonderful girl hey Mark?! Am sure you've realised this already by now though. Heart of gold and also not too bad to look at.....good work!)

      Lots of love and hugs

      Kate A xxxx
      (aka Jenna's 'dirty manc' friend)

      ps. I vote beard....following a cheeky trim/tweeze.