Friday, 6 July 2012

She Wanted To Stroke It!

Mixed News after the good news  -  all clear on the infection front, and the bad news  - nothing doing at Southport ....came the less than pleasing news that the infection is back!  Also it's going to be at least another three weeks until a bed is free in Southport, not good news!  However by yesterday,  Southport was more likely to be only two weeks - better news and the infection might not be back afterall - can you believe it news!

I was confined to bed all day due to a bit of pressure..... thankfully today I've been up and about again and have a nice new cushion on my chair which should reduce any pressure, also results back today on the infection were inconclusive so they've done more tests and will continue to change their mind on a daily basis I'm sure!! If I do have this infection, I get to keep my private room which is a definite bonus.

She wanted to stroke it!
Medical update aside, perhaps the best incident of the week was when Jenna and I were venturing around the hospital and a random old lady accosted us. Much to Jenna's dismay and my delight, she said "what a lovely black beard"  whilst looking like she wanted to stroke it, the beard that is!  She wasn't from the mental ward either I must add!

Jen was quick to point out any slightly less than black areas but it fell on deaf ears, definitely another supporter for the beard me thinks!!

Finally, Costa Coffee opened at the hospital, so I have simultaneously put on a few pounds and lost a few £'s too (well JK has anyway!) blood pressure went through the floor when six of us had lunch in there and I paid, I think the two things were linked, back to hospital food for me!

Thanks again everyone love mark x


  1. Hi Mark,

    Another update which makes me smile! (Aside from the less than pleasing news of course!). I am pro-beard, I think you suit it and I'd aim to grow it and get some sort of beads put through! (Sorry Jenna, can't resist winding you up a tad).

    On the costa front, Mark, I'de hide your wallet. We all know what a fiend Jenna is when it comes to coffee, even if it's not starbucks!!

    Great news about all your progress though,it's still hard to believe it only happened a few weeks ago - you've come so far. Hopefully will get to see you at some point in the next 3 weeks (and fill you in on my tactics when dealing with nasty clients!) Stay smiling :)

    Lots of love Nin xxx

  2. Jenna clearly realises that avec beard, you look a total sexpot as proved by Sally Stroker and the only reason she wants rid is to keep the hospital hotties at bay!

    Hope the infection has gone though not conclusively and then you can keep your room :-)

    Keep up the hard work chief, see you soon. Drape x

  3. Cheers for the update Mark. It was great to see you last Thursday, finally meet Jenna and of course catch up with team swift. It can't have been easy listening to the cast of " Last of the Summer Wine " so thanks for your patience. You make an amazing team and I know that spirit will play a major part in carrying you all through the next stages and beyond.