Sunday, 16 September 2012

Look Away Now... If You Don't Want To Know!

Well it's been a pretty quiet one this week after a somewhat frustrating weekend, which had started out so well..... a quick couple of beers (didnt do very well with staying off the beer reallly!) outside the Bold Hotel with our Paul and Mr Chew got Friday evening underway, then it was 'date night' with the lovely Miss Hughes, we visited the Vincent on Lord Street which is quite a posh restaurant and had a great meal, lobster and crayfish risotto for me! I have noticed a trend in my dining choices towards things that need less cutting hence the risotto, steak is out of the question for now! I can just about cut it, but I think it's more the looking like a proper special person in public that puts me off!

It was as the evening drew to a close that the weekend began to descend! ....possible information overload and decency issues about to be breached so look away now if you don't want to know! the realms of peeing now my bladder has started to do stuff again but on something of its own schedule! therefore I wear something called a convene that pops over the old chap and kind of sticks to it, so everything gets drained nicely.... Well this is the theory at least, sadly the stickiness decided to give way at the end of the evening so just as we arrived back at the hospital I was in a bit of a state that I haven't visited since early childhood and sadly Jenna's car may now smell a little like a care home!

 ...being serious for a second, I must admit times like that are very hard and really bring things home to me, I know it's all part of the process etc.... but sitting there as a 30 year old bloke at the end of a lovely evening with my girlfriend in my own pee is upsetting/annoying/bizarre/frustrating and the list could go on forever! And saying it's hard for me I can only begin to imagine the thoughts and emotions going through Jenna's mind at a moment like that. I don't think I've really said it on here but she has been truly amazing through everything over the past few months and I really am a very very lucky person to have such a wonderful (and beautiful!) girlfriend. Thank you Jen xxxx

Right anyway I digress, enough soppy gayness for one blog! ....Saturday morning followed on nicely from Friday night! I had my 'obs' taken, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, sadly the latter was somewhat on the low side (34.5 degrees) the word hypothermic was banded around! So they covered me in blankets first off, this didn't bring it up, then came the 'bear hugger', sounds grander than it is and sadly it wasn't a hug from an attractive nurse! ....just an inflatable blanket filled with warm air but it did the job and I had a lovely little nap! Once the temperature was sorted they noticed a red mark on the old derrière, so that was me bed bound for the rest of the day, dull! ....on the Sunday they gave it 'til after lunch to give me the all clear but when I got up the old blood pressure decided to rear its ugly head again so that was me going nowhere for the day, as every time they lowered my feet the blood pressure followed and I went in to a bit of a floaty state! as I say pretty frustrating!!

That lot aside, I've just been cracking on with the old physio and O.T. this week and the slow but steady progress continues. Thankfully the swimming is getting better and the lovely neck float was removed as I managed something that resembled conventional backstroke as opposed to the two armed special variety! 

...oh and I had my first shopping trip yesterday, Paul and I visited Debenhams on lord street, they were very wheelchair friendly indeed, it was a little strange being at eye level with all the clothes! But I managed to pick up a few bits and bobs that are a little smarter than my current uniform of slouchy pants and general sportswear so hopefully i will begin to look a little less Chav like when I go out!

And finally, There's also progress with the scans and X-rays,  I just need to have a look through now and chose some of the less gruesome ones that will be suitable for public consumption so they should be up soon!

Thanks, mark xx


  1. Great to have a fresh blog to read through matey peeps and a very detailed one to boot! As you say it's all part of the process and the learning curve. We should be in to see you on Wednesday evening, all being well, and if your not going out for gourmet dining. We will book a visit through the usual channels.

    Catch you later. Chris

  2. Hey Mark, mum posted he link to your blog via private e mail account as I wa having problems loggin on to it, been following the reds? Totally lacking up front hey? Not sure on 4 3 3 system either. But I like rodgers. This hillsborugh things is a disgrace isn't it! I hear our phil is doing the Liverpool marathon in I'd of you? I have donated 50 quid for him as its a tall order and he isn't getting any younger, mum said your having a night t the Liverpool plaza in oct, I hope it's great night, unfortunately I won't be able to show my face due to still being in Sydney.

    Take care and good luck.

    Pass on my regards to your mum and dad.


  3. We think you are both amazing and love you very much!!

    Rose and Peter xxxx

  4. I second Rose and Pete! You both really are incredible.

    So sorry I didn't get chance to get to Southport this weekend Mark, but hope to be back to see you very soon.

    Keep going with the steady progress, you are doing brilliantly from all accounts and also from following the blog.

    Jayne xxx

    O and there was no smell in Jenna's car when I was in it yesterday, apart from from me, as she sprung an impromtu early morning trip to M&S on me, and I didn't get chance to shower....

  5. Hello mate :-)

    Bit of an up and down week by the sound of it, these things are sent to try us (and our other halfs no doubt).

    Great shout for Jenna, she has clearly been a complete legend. Woods and I were just discussing a visit for next Tuesday. Sorry I didn't make it with the rest last week, I was, to be fair, prepping AP1 for the next day so it's your fault really. We'll call it evens.

    See you next week squire, keep up the graft and the keep the little fellas working :-)

    Drape x

  6. Oh my gosh Mark, u could have prepared me for the tears! Im now a hormonal wreck on the verge of unstoppable tears!! :)
    Im so happy and inspired to read your blog, the word remarkable isnt enough!
    U have so much to be proud of yourself for (not that i need to tell u that though!!) Im so happy that you and Jenna are together, u are perfect together and this is proof that together you can do it.
    Cant wait to hear about ur Xmas release, how great!
    Hope to see you both after the New Year when you may have gotten over the flood of visitors :)
    Lots of Love to you and Jenna and all your family and friends who are all amazing! Ashlea, Martin & Baby Leonardo (Jennas friend from college) xx

  7. Alright Swifty! I've been slacking a little and only just read this entry now...and you nearly made me cry, proper lump in the throat and wet eyes! I have to agree with you though, Jenna is an absolute star! Good to hear the physio is going well and you've not drowned yourself in the pool, keep it up!!Looking forward to seeing you both next weekend. Love Nolan xxx