Friday, 21 September 2012

Parental Guidance Warning

Hello there!

Think this one should come with a parental guidance warning again!!

....for those who've read on, as promised here's a snapshot of the old injury before and after the operation!

The one is an MRI, you can see the vertebrae down the left and then six down from the top things go a little squewiff  and you can see where the bone has hit and pressing on the old spinal cord, which is
the black thing running down the middle! Which is thankfully still, just about, intact!!

The second and third xrays, in case you haven't guessed, are after the op!
On the second one, the bit in the middle is where they went through the front and stuck two of the veterbrae together, then behind are the two longer rods screwed in above and below the injury (you can see the screws on the bottom one!)

It looks like some pretty heavy engineering to me! ....and in this one as you can see is the line of little  staples they used to close it all up, nice!

Well I hope I haven't put you off your lunch!!


Mark x

(oh and I didn't have to pay for the pictures of my own neck, which i gave them, in the end!! Common sense prevailed!)


  1. WOW, you'll be bionic man in no time my mate! keep up the great work pal x x thinking of you.

    Carl B

  2. Wowzer, awesome films!! I've already shown them to everyone in one of my clinics, staff not patients :-)
    It's a shame you will never be able to have another MRI to see the 'after'.
    See you all soon
    Charlotte.....(and Greg)

  3. Wow, ever thought about launching your own version of the board game
    " Operation " that is some serious mot work mark and i think the first x ray has put me off ordering lamb shank at restaurants !!
    Wilhelm Rontgen ( german ) was credited for the discovery of the x rays in 1895 but Im sure you knew that anyway, and part of his name is an anagram for " Ingrown Helmet " and that for certain would have been an interesting x ray to look at !!
    Enjoyed the Bold Hotel pint with your recently and looking forward to more in the future big man. Your progress is amazing and this blog is truly a great reflection on your character. Keep going mate