Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Two For One.... Special Offer!

So it seems there are some silver linings to life in a wheelchair after all!

Following last weeks two for one at Anfield, James Bond, or more precisely the Odeon at Liverpool One, decided to follow suit! Whilst I call it a two for one, that is very much a piece of internal 'spin' to make the whole notion more palatable to myself, as opposed to calling it what it is, that being a carers/disability allowance! But let's stick with the positive of it all! as this '2 for 1' lark is seems pretty decent to me. And while we're on the glass half full side of things, customer service in general has been really very good indeed, people really do seem to go the extra mile to help out, with the lady at the Odeon being a case in point (I must be in a good mood this morning as my natural cynicism would typically take that 'extra mile' as being patronising!) I'm probably tempting fate there, I'll have a pat on the head and buddy off the next person!

The film itself [the new Bond] was really good too, not your typical Bond but I'll leave it there for fear of having to issue spoiler alerts! And with our special discount it meant we could afford to go in the gallery, which is basically a slightly posher cinema experience! Free drinks and snacks and great seats right at the back, which is all important as the standard disabled spots are front centre  which isn't too beneficial for the old neck!

Meat Ball Sandwiches... lunch anyone?
On the ward at the mo I'm continuing with o.t. and physio as normal, things are moving towards more fine tuning and making sure I won't kill myself upon release, for instance I had a cooking assessment last Wednesday, it wasn't John Torode and the fat greengrocer style assessment, they just wanted to see that I could use the kitchen safely without setting fire to the hospital or myself! Thankfully we survived and the guys on the ward got to enjoy some nice meatball sandwiches for lunch instead of the usual hospital gruel. ....speaking of which I seem to manage to avoid eating the hospital food almost all the time now, without really making a conscious effort to do so! So a really big thanks to everyone who brings me food or takes me out for it, I suppose it's part of the preparation for going home, reminding your taste buds that there is still work out there for them!

And in physio I've been trying to get vertical again, sadly this requires mechanical assistance of course, no miracles to report! : ( ....but getting into a standing position is good for the body, as despite efforts to the contrary since the invention of the t.v. we are not designed to remain seated, so using a tilt table and then hopefully a standing frame I'm trying to get upright! Sadly my old adversary, blood pressure, rears its ugly head at this juncture and I tend to go more than a touch pale! It's getting there though and I have a new 'binder' which is helping a lot but is not doing any favours on the moob front as its like a corset! But is doing its job of helping to maintain a decent blood pressure!

Going on the run!
Oh and in other ward related news ....I haven't mentioned the bloke who jumped out of the window to escape the police in a while....but apparently when he got discharged last week, there was a police van waiting downstairs for him, and in what seems like the most ridiculously inept bit of policing ever, they asked him are you 'Rob Bear' (not his real name!) he said no, gave them a different name and simply wheeled off in to the night, not sure you can really call it going on the run in this case! and not 100% sure of the factual accuracy of this but I'm led to believe, from various sources, it's true. (its enough for the bbc!)

On the home front, JK is in full swing getting things sorted for my home coming. They've been fitting a new boiler this week so they can build around it and make a wet room for me.  I'm expecting a really posh pad when it's all finished!  Thanks to everyone for all the hard work.

                         It's Tough Mudder!
And last but definitely not least....up on the top right of the blog you may have noticed some info about 'tough mudder' it is basically a hard core obstacle course that's about half a marathon through a whole lot of mud and over a course designed by the special forces (i.e. army type people, not anything to do with star wars, or some new 6th sense I've developed since being in a wheelchair!) .....a couple of our Paul's more sadistic friends are taking part in it and are looking to raise money for the fund. So a massive thanks to Lee (cozzy) and Lewis for their efforts and good luck to you both, fingers crossed on the weather front for you too!

Hope all's well?
Mark x


  1. Hi Mark,

    Not sure if you remember me, I used to play football
    with your brother Alan with the BT lads, we met a few times.Love your blog, had a little cry at some of it but you make me laugh in a lot of it. Just a note on tough mudder, I'm doing it but I'm not doing it for any cause and would be honoured to raise money for your fund.

  2. Cracking update mate! Saw Bond last night, really enjoyed it, rather un-Bond like really but possibly all the better for it (sorry Bond fans). About to embark on day 3 of ACCA F3, the notes don't half go on about things that never get tested! See you soon chief, Drape x

  3. Hmmm seems the ward will be the worse for not having its own window-jumping, police-foiling madman.
    Also - your meatball sandwiches have just inspired my lunch plans for today (Subway's though - not attempting to make them myself obviously).
    Cheers for the Mudder mention btw.

    Speaking of which - Ean (above) - when are you running TM? We are in the 1020 on Sunday.

  4. Hey Mark!

    Great update :-) I am off to see Bond tonight and very excited, so I'm glad you didn't give any spoilers!!!

    Phil did tough mudder earlier in the year...do you know there is barbed wire and electric shocking involved!!! Ridic! Not for me....

    Hope you have a great weekend this weekend and enjoy watching Harry cry to get away from his Godmother up at the front of the church! hahaha Unfortunately I am not making it back for it, so I guess it will be December when I see you!

    Meatball sandwich looks nice and is making me hungry....maybe Christmas dinner is on your job-list this year!

    Love Jayne xxxx

  5. Hiya Mr Cord on bleu!!! (think that's how you spell in English never my strong point!!!!)

    Glad to hear things all good :-)
    Good going on the kitchen skills......impressive :-) I went see James Bond Thurs night.....loved it!! and absolutely nothing to do with the fact it had Daniel Craig in it at all !!!!!!!!!! he he he. I didn't even know Cinema's have galleries???? very nice. Going to watch the Reds too.............how jealous am I ....... loads!!!!

    See you very soon (I know I keep threatening this!!!)
    Son :-) xx

  6. hey you just finally getting five mins to read ya blog great news about coming out of hospital will you be with ya mum and dad all the time? if you are let me know when ya settled and ill come and see ya one day. I have just been sat here borking reading ya blog about the dog shit thats one thing that winds me up and knocks me sick especially when the kids stand in it ewwwwwwww.
    Did you enjoy the liverpool game then? my husband took my two eldest girls the game the other week my eldest chloe loves it bit like me i think tom boy in the making lol but olivia got bored so think she is an evertonian lol.
    Anyway better get my arse to bed hope all goes well coming home and hope to see ya soon.
    Loads of love
    Helen Bailey (Campbell) xxxxxxx

  7. Mark, the Rob Bear story makes me laugh. I know this guy who's in the police and his very first arrest was a ram raid job on dale st, liverpool. Anyway he calls for the back up van, opens the doors and says to the arrested man " Get In ". This guy says to the copper " after you " Would you believe it, the copper did and the bloke ran off into the night !! Priceless.
    Get your Costco order in with Auntie Sue if you like the meatballs mark as they are fab. Hope all is going well at the JK Grand designs and as always was great to see you last week ( even though I was part of a covert operation to smuggle tesco goodies in for the rest of the ward ) Are you sure your not opening up an illegal tuck shop and making some tax free dosh on the side ?
    Keep it going big man and catch up with you, jenna and team swift soon