Monday, 5 November 2012

Discharge Date

It's been pretty quiet on the whole this week really, which, after the main topic of last week may not be such a bad thing!

Thursday saw my latest meeting with all the various specialists, and in what probably sounds like bad news but really isn't too bad! The original discharge date of the 12th December was agreed upon as still being a realistic target date for me to be turfed out! So the talk of November has been quashed, which I must admit came as something of a relief to myself, Jenna and probably more than anyone else my parents, as the downstairs toilet, which is to become a downstairs wet room is still very much just a downstairs toilet! ....this isn't however my parents fault but more to do with what is quite possibly the most illogical system I've ever encountered. Basically the community o.t.'s who come to your home to assess what needs to be done to make it suitable for you, don't actually come out until you're discharged! Ridiculous! I gather their plan was for me to sit by the back door for three weeks while the work was done once I was discharged! ....thankfully the o.t.'s in the hospital fibbed a little about my discharge date and JK also made a somewhat persuasive phone call to help them acknowledge the stupidity of their system....and someone did come out this week who was apparently very helpful indeed and things have now begun to kick up a gear so I may be able to get in the house using something other than the makeshift wooden ramp I'm currently using and will also hopefully have a bathroom!

But back to the discharge date, within the next couple of weeks idea did seem very daunting, and to be honest a little premature, the original date gives us a bit of breathing space and time to feel a little more prepared for it all!

Aside from that lot I had another nice visit home this weekend,  nice manly night in with my dad, watching Take Me Out and XFactor! Thankfully we rounded it off with Match Of The Day so hopefully restored some manliness!

And then Sunday was a visit to Anfield thanks to Jen for sorting the tickets! Two for the price of one as Jenna gets in free as my carer, makes you feel a bit special but all good if it's saving a few quid!! ...not a bad view either sitting down at the Kop end of the Paddock, front row! Thankfully I managed to avoid being hit in the face by the ball and also avoid the rogue sprinkler that soaked half the crowd, as that would have been very grim, it was absolutely freezing at the ground!

Cartoon by Tony Husband -
Grudgingly I have to admit Jenna was right saying I should wear about 15 layers of clothes, as despite all of them I still had a bit of a shiver...think I might need to get me some thermals! And the game brought standard fare, loads of possession and not many chances! I also got the chance to give my Liverpool top a run out so big thanks to Uncle Kev and Auntie Chris!

The only other thing to report was a second visit to the wheelchair rugby, sadly I was still not allowed to get involved in the contact stuff, but I did a lot more of the fitness drills and was absolutely knackered, my shoulders have never done so much in their life! My mum had the pleasure of me yawning all the way home when she picked me up! Can't wait to get stuck in there properly, just hope the rods in my neck are well fixed!

Hope you are all good,
Mark x x x


  1. Betty The Blog11/05/2012 6:58 pm

    Take Me Out and the XFactor..... could have been worse Mark, it could have been Strictly Come Dancing! I know your dad just loves that Bruno Taglioni (he thinks it's a pasta dish)

  2. mmm..worrying times, saying that perhaps you and JK can invite me around when you plan to watch either legally blonde, bridget jones diary or notting hill, i will come armed with popcorn, a bottle of lambrusco and me heating tongs !!!
    Bittersweet news about the discharge mark, but as you say, things might as well be right before you move in and no doubt JK will be planning some 007 gadgets for you prior to your arrival. Good to see you last week at the " runners meal " and the fact that your appetite hasn't dwindled !! Betty would have loved your closing technique on the last bit of garlic bread " So no one wants that last piece then " although Philly D was waiting to pounce.
    Keep it going big man, love to jenna and team swift and lets get that beer organised

  3. Hope you enjoyed the game at Anfield Mark! It's great to hear that you are getting out and about, glad to hear you didn't get soaked by the sprinkler at half time though ha ha it was so funny watching it on the telly! Hope your keeping well... sorry I couldn't make your do last month I would of loved to have been there but I was away on hols. Take care see you soon hopefully.Christine B xx

  4. Forgot you were going to the match on Sunday. Have to say, Liverpool are a one man team. Without Suarez (and not just for the goal) we'd have had you all afternoon! Air was blue in my house when he scored (and got the assist from Enrique!), hated to see such a horrible, diving, racist little man score such a bloody brilliant goal! Fear not though, we'll have you at St James!! Love to you and Jenna. Nolan xxx

  5. Hiya Mark,

    We tried to get across to the paddock from the Kop to speak to you but the stewards wouldn't let us through... Despite my dads best efforts to hurdle the yellow barriers!! Great to see you there anyway :) Really great to hear about all the brilliant progress you are making too - keep up all the good work!

    Suarez goal was special :) But after him there's not much else going on at the moment... I want Rodgers to play a 4-4-2 but I don't think there's any chance of him playing that - he swears by this 4-3-3 but really its a 4-5-1 coz two of the top '3' are wingers! Anyway! :)

    Keep up all the brilliant work!

    Carl Janette Abigail Jamie Carole and George