Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Going out in May, coming home in December.

'Here's to going out in May and coming home in December' (my toast from the night I got out!)

Well time certainly does fly! It's been nearly two weeks since getting out already, apologies for not updating but we've been surprisingly busy really! I must admit being discharged just before Christmas and also my birthday, has been very lucky in a way, as there's been so much going on that's kept the days full and stopped me from entering a bit of a post discharge lull that I was warned of in the hospital due to the lack of structure in the days when you first get out.

Although I don't think the sort of structure the staff where speaking of included quite so much alcohol and eating out, but more on that in a bit! I've also been really lucky too as Jenna took a few weeks off work to help with the whole process and it's been great being able to spend so much time together, mostly just doing normal things and catching up with people. Starting with a surprise birthday meal, which I must apologise to all those who came for my initial somewhat underwhelmed reaction, I was knackered from pushing myself and feeling a bit low on the old blood pressure front so struggled on the effusive happy stuff! It was lovely though so thank you all! ....in general I've been getting on ok since being discharged, everything is obviously a bit different but like I've said so many times it's just a case of practise making perfect, the more I do things the easier they become and that's what it's all about really, finding your feet! Sort of!

The drinking stamina continues to be a long way short of pre accident levels! I made it out on my works Christmas do, putting in what I thought was a decent stint from about 2 til 9 and thought I was still in decent knick, Jenna however tells it a little differently, apparently I was rambling and slurring all the way back and more alarmingly woke her up in the night by "trying to get out of bed", with no chair in sight, that could've been very messy indeed! ....the next day was unsurprisingly a bit of a write off!

....on a different note, Again I can't thank my parents enough for the effort they've gone to, to get the house ready and to make myself and more importantly Jenna feel at home, and our little 'apartment' is not too shabby either to be honest, they've even put a number 10a on the door! ....thankfully the rooms are pretty big as we had our new bed delivered the other day and it's about the size of my old flat!  But I tend to hog the bed a bit these days so needs must! But the piece de resistance is our new double recliner sofa thanks to father Christmas for popping round early with that, unfortunately we haven't spent as much time as we'd like on it yet but it is amazing, I thought I was going to have to get Bebbo evicted from it the other day!

Oh and in other exciting news I've ordered my new car a nice sporty Astra which I should have in just a few weeks as they had one in stock, so the new traffic warning is for the south Liverpool area!! But I can't wait to get it as it'll mean a lot more independence, this won't just please me, Paul sadly drew the short straw of taking me to and from rugby this week, which is in Southport and on for four hours! And to cap it off, I was that knackered from the training he had me snoring all the way home! But a big thanks for that x

And finall, hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and gets everything they wished for!

All the best

Mark x


  1. How did I miss your birthday?
    Why didn't anyone tell me?

    I feel mean now, I would have sent you a card had I known. Anyway hope it was a good day and at least you've actually caught up with what the papers said.....

    Hugs Betty

  2. I know the postman has his days off over the festive period so i guess the 10A apartment warming party ticket is still whizzing it's way towards me ? Congrats on moving in you guys and an extra well done to the " Grand Design Swift Team ", your all the most amazing people I know. Winston Churchill once said " Success is never final, Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts " and boy do you lot have that in abundance.
    Love to you all, Chewy