Friday, 18 January 2013

Off To The Gym

Take two! there anything more annoying than losing work? having written this update yesterday, I thought I'd happily sent it to Betty to go on the blog and to Tony to knock up a cartoon, but somehow in my technological incompetence I've managed to lose it completely, not in sent items not in drafts just not there! argh!

....anyway second drafts are always better so here goes!! ....

Its been a bit of a while since the last update, Christmas Eve I think, so I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and did the standard eating and drinking far too much!!

It's been just over a month now since I came out of hospital and to be honest its been something of a mixed bag! The initial pre Christmas couple of weeks was pretty hectic what with my birthday and Christmas drinks, shopping and what not, the time pretty much flew by!
After Christmas however, as always tends to be the case, things have somewhat slowed! ...the initial few days in between Christmas and New Year, it was nice to kick back on the old double recliner sofa, watch crappy films and eat equally crappy food! ....but there's only so much of it you can take!! So the plan for the New Year was to get cracking on the exercise front again and get a bit of structure back in my days, especially as Jenna was back in work which was an unfortunate reality check, but meant I need to get doing thinks a bit more independently and just generally get on with things!! ....unfortunately, this was the plan for New Year, but come New Years eve I started to feel a bit sketchy, this became increasingly sketchy throughout the day, then at about half ten I started shivering and feeling freezing despite my temp being really high, a sure fire sign of an infection and that has kind of been the case on and off for the first couple of weeks of the year! So yep it was a fitting end to a rubbish year really shivering in the start of 2013! However 2012 started really well with a cracking New Year's eve and went rapidly down hill so here's hoping for a complete reversal on that, and this slow and sometimes stop start to the year turns into a great 2013  (fingers crossed at least!)

Its been about three days now, seemingly infection free so also fingers crossed on that front as I've been getting pretty fed up with it and undoubtedly not been the best company in the world so apologies to Jen and the folks for that! ....And I'm hoping to make it to the gym for the first time in what seems like an age today so that is certainly going to be a shock to the system as I've definitely lost a bit of strength over the last couple of weeks and I didn't have much to start with!!

In other exciting news, whilst being somewhat housebound, I've been looking through some work stuff and it seems landing on my head has affected my ability to concentrate, either that or not really using the grey matter in what is nearly eight months has! As it seems after a couple of hours I need to take a nap, as I was literally falling asleep with the mouse in my hand! Now it could be argued I wasn't 100% anyway so this could have played a part and probably more significantly what I'm looking at is accountancy stuff so in its very nature is somewhat sleep inducing! But seriously I think as well as physical exercise I'm going to have to start exercising the brain a little more too otherwise going back to work may actually kill me!

...oh and finally one other incident to report, I managed to fall out of my chair for the first time last week! I've messed up transfers before but this was a bona fide fall out of the chair! Sadly I wasn't even doing wheelies I was just sitting in the kitchen rolling back and forward, a little like a crazy person on reflection! but I just pushed a bit too far and the chair tipped backwards and I ended up on the floor! oops! thankfully Paul was there to pick me back up and I escaped unscathed but it was little worrying!!

Right I'm off to the gym then, wish me luck!


  1. Hi Mark!

    Great to hear how you are getting on, and how you continue to battle through any setbacks. I do feel for you with regards to the accountancy work though... zzzzz. Reading this on Saturday morning inspired me to get myself to the gym...I had forgotten I even had a membership...haha Really looking forward to seeing you at the weekend, has been wayyyy too long, Jayne xxx

  2. ask your kid brother about certain overload on inbox and sent emails !! Thought I had learnt my lesson two years ago when I lost all 3500 + ( that's amount in each folder not both ) but no, same happened 6 months ago !! Is it any wonder that the IT boys despair of me
    Great to read your mixed bag blog Mark and will catch up with you/jenna as and when ( perhaps on the costa del wirral ) otherwise I will sample the halewood hops. As for numbers/accountancy I will leave that up to you experts but understand about taxing the brain ( no pun intended ) as I will defo need you in the future
    Great work big man